unemployment: Unemployment Numbers & Manufacturing in Focus for the Coming Week - 10/01/11 07:54 AM
Once again we have reached that time. The first Friday of the month is almost upon us and with that comes the county's unemployment report. This past Thursday we had some promising numbers with the continuing jobless claims taking a larger than expected drop. The question remains, how will we recover from the horribly flat jobs number last month? We are coming off the worst quarter for the stock market since the crash in 2008, and with the European debt fears it won't take much to send us back towards a double dip recession. But let's stay positive people.
Economic Data for … (0 comments)

unemployment: Friday's Job's Numbers Will Set the Track for Rates - 07/06/11 01:06 PM
Friday's Job's Numbers Will Set the Track for Rates
Last week saw a break out to the upside for mortgage rates after hitting their lowest point since last year. The exact reason is hard to pin point of course but a couple of the factors that contributed to the jump in rates.
Greek Bailout-Once again Greece is looking for money from the EU to bail them out so they can make their debt payments. They passed an unfavorable austerity program that the other countries were looking for so they would be will to give them the cash flow. I'm sure they … (5 comments)

unemployment: Markets In Correction Mode Jobs Report Tomorrow-Mortgage Buddy Mid-Week Report - 06/02/11 02:20 PM
Mortgage Buddy Mid-Week Commentary
Interest rates may have ticked up a sliver today, but for the past 5 weeks the markets have been trending downward. We are coming off of the worst May in a couple of years but as I keep saying we have to find a positive with everything, and the positive here is that rates are at their lowest point this year. REFINANCE NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY
For those who read my posts you know I'm a mortgage geek and a CNBC junkie. I'm constantly reading and listening to commentary from technical traders, hedge fund managers, and those who … (0 comments)

unemployment: Mortgage Buddy Rate Outlook for the Week Beginning May 30th - 05/30/11 02:58 PM
The Mortgage Buddy's rate outlook for the week.

Last week saw another round of soft economic data. It seems clear that the global economy is seeing a bit of a soft patch. The effects of the stimulus money is starting to fade out, Japan's earth quake economic shock waves are finally being felt, and the European debt crisis is starting to re-surface again. We are also running into the typical seasonal slow down in the stock market. The big fish usually "sell in May and go away". Many experts think this is just a soft patch and once we get … (2 comments)

unemployment: The Mortgage Buddy Mid Week Review - 05/11/11 11:04 AM
We are having a busy week of activity in the real estate industry, the stock markets, and the mortgage world.
Tomorrow Ben Bernake is going to be going in front of Congress with some new testimony. According to reports he is going to be discussing and recommending even more regulations on the banking industry. My hope is that this is not going effect the mortgage industry too bad, but I'm sure it can't be that positive.
Today we had a huge sell off in commodity prices across he board. Oil, silver, and gasoline prices where dramatically down on the day, leading … (2 comments)

unemployment: Mortgage Rate Outlook for the Week Beginning March 28th - 03/27/11 10:40 AM
Mortgage Rate Outlook for the Week Beginning March 28th
Call it the bull run  that just doesn't care what negative issues are its way, the market continues to trend to the upside. We have made just about everything back that we lost in the market on the heels of the nuclear fears in Japan. Mortgage rates had a reversal from their downward trend mid week and we are now at the top end of a three week range. There is a plethora of economic data points on the calendar this week that could move the market and the rates.Monday 10AM-Pending Home … (1 comments)

unemployment: What Tomorrow's Job's Report Will Tell us About the Economy - 03/03/11 09:06 AM
What Tomorrow's Jobs Report Will Tell us About the Economy  
Tomorrow's jobs report will report on the unemployment numbers for the month of February at 8:30AM. This is the most important jobs report in a few months.
We are coming out of the seasonal hiring season of the holidays Last month's report was considered by many to be a jaded report because of the record storms in January. This report will be so important for the stock market, the interest rates, and the political policies towards jobs creation. If we as a country don't start creating at least … (1 comments)

unemployment: The Rate Outlook for the Week Beginning February 28, 2011 - 02/28/11 08:50 AM

Rate Outlook for the Week Beginning February 28, 2011
This week’s rate forecast is going to be dominated by two major factors.
1.   The weakening of the dollar
2.   The political unrest in the Middle East
The major economic calendar data point will be Fridays’ big jobs’ report. There is a consensus that the unemployment numbers should be very strong for February as compared to January mainly because the weather was much better this month. The range is 120,000  to 255,000  new  jobs created and a hope that the unemployment rate could drop under 9%. This would be a great psychological … (2 comments)

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