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Dear Connecticut Homeowners, In today's blog I would like to discuss foreclosures.  This is not my favorite word or subject but it must be stated and be available to you just in case you fall into this situation or know of a loved one that does.  You must be pro-active and stay ahead of the forec...
Dear Reader, It is 3:00pm Saturday afternoon with beautiful weather I might add.  I am in the car with the family as we are heading north to New Hampshire to a family gathering.  On our way to New Hampshire, we stopped by a Wendy's fast food chain to grab a quick 15 minute late lunch.  I know, mo...
Dear Reader, It is Saturday March 24, 2007 and yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to meet with a real estate professional that I met on  Active Rain  Early last week I noticed Jane Walters had become a new member on Active Rain so I contacted her and welcomed her to the...
Dear Active Rain Members, What does Active Rain mean to you?  What does Active Rain mean to me?  Let me answer the 2nd question right away and say that it means the REAL ESTATE WORLD to me!  I joined around 4th of July 2006 and was extremely active the first 5 months.  I then had personal health...
Dear Reader, Good morning from my home office here in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I just read a great blog by a mortgage professional and neighbor of mine Mr. George Souto which his blog can be reached by clicking on this link: FHA Stepping Up As Sub-Prime Steps Down.   George made some strong point...
Dear Reader, An American Dream has become an American Nightmare for some homeowners.  As the guidelines for sub-prime mortgages tightens more and more families will have to wait and be patient to purchase their home.   My Thoughts: The changing of the guidelines is making it more difficult for bo...
Dear Reader, It is 7:45pm on this snowy Friday night here in Fairfield, Connecticut. Town of Fairfield I am sitting here at home on a comfortable couch with my wireless broadband dell laptop.  A perfect time to blog about my march madness and I am not talking about the NCAA tournament. What is go...
Dear Reader, It is an extremely cold Friday morning here in Fairfield, Connecticut and I just read a quick blog by my friend/realtor in Maryland Margaret Rome.  Her blog is about how some real estate professionals have lost sight on print advertising and are concentrating more on Internet adverti...
Dear Reader, I have been a member of the world's largest social international fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) for the past 11 years and I am excited to announce that I will be attending/supporting our 4th Annual TKE Plunge.  I have attended the previous 3 and have helped wi...
Dear Reader, I would like to take this time to quickly introduce one of the best Realtor's that I have met in the many years that I have been in the Real Estate Financing Business: Realtor Helene Daly of Fairfield County Real Estate About Realtor Helene Daly: Helene DalyFairfield County Real Esta...

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