consumers: How do I know if this Condo Complex is FHA Approved? Click on FHA Approved Condo List Link in this Blog! - 04/20/09 09:23 AM
   Dear Realtors and Consumers,
Are you always wondering if a certain condo complex is FHA approved or not?  Do you find yourself having to contact the listing agent and asking them if it is and sometimes they don't know?  Wouldn't it be better if I just gave you a link to go and check on your own with the most updated FHA Condo Approved list?  This website is not a big secret and it is easily found on but sometimes difficult to locate on the website. 
Click on this link to do a simple search to see if a condo complex … (5 comments)

consumers: WARNING ALERT: Fraud? Bad Business? Lending Universe - 05/01/07 06:53 AM
Dear Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Professionals and Consumers,
I believe it is that time again where I spend some time out of my busy day to inform you of another bad experience that I just had with a lead generation company called Lending Universe  As you have read my previous blogs, I have no shame in coming out and blogging about a bad company because as a good person that I am, I want to save you from losing money and the headache that I got from Lending Universe.  I actually spoke to my rep at Lending Universeand I told … (19 comments)