real estate: Healthy Alternatives to Asbestos a Priority for Connecticut Home Owners - 05/06/09 09:03 AM
Healthy Alternatives to Asbestos a Priority for Connecticut Home Owners
Used in millions of homes and buildings built prior to 1980, many civilians are still being exposed to asbestos in public facilities, restaurants, schools, shipyards and other industrial locations. As one of the small states in the country, it is ironic that Connecticut is one of the largest in terms of asbestos exposure risks. There are an estimated 600 locations in the state that have been known exposure sites. All of the known exposure sites occurred in the cities of Hartford, New Haven and Fairfield. There are many … (2 comments)

real estate: USEFUL TOOL FOR REALTORS: FAQ's About The First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit (By Nima of LADD Financial 203.913.6016) - 10/23/08 04:21 PM
Nima Presents:
Frequently Asked QuestionsAbout the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Law
(Forward this email to all of your Current Clients, Past Clients, First Time Home Buyers & Anyone that can use this information)
The Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 authorizes a $7,500 tax credit for qualified first-time home buyers purchasing homes on or after April 9, 2008 and before July 1, 2009. The following questions and answers provide basic information about the tax credit. If you have more specific questions, we strongly encourage you to consult a qualified tax advisor or legal professional about your unique situation.
1.                  … (1 comments)

real estate: Mortgage Man's Top 10 SIGNS WE ARE IN A NEW MARKET - 08/20/07 05:50 PM
Dear Reader,
This is an actual blog filled with recent everyday facts only for your viewing pleasure.  I am sitting here in the office and it is almost 8pm and I thought to myself why not share my recent experiences with you all here on Active Rain and the public who visits my blog on a daily basis.  Some of these may be funny but at the same time can be tearful.  It is August 20th and we are in a new market folks, a new market!!!
 Top 10 Signs That Our Real Estate/Mortgage Market Has Changed:
 1.) REALTOR CALLING ME … (32 comments)

real estate: Countrywide Home Loans: The Real Story (Informative Blog) - 08/17/07 03:39 PM
Nima Rezvan
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real estate: The Power of Active Rain E-Networking turns into Face-to-Face Networking! - 07/30/07 12:25 AM

Got Active Rain?  I would like to share with you another positive ActiveRain Real Estate Network story.  On Tuesday July 24, 2007 around noon time, I was on my way back from a family vacation in Newport, Rhode Island when before leaving the resort I remembered that there was a very nice real estate broker that I e-networked with here on .  I contacted Linda Davis and I asked her if she was available today.  Although it was almost last second, Linda Davis made room in her busy schedule to meet me in person.  She notified me that she had an … (11 comments)

real estate: Judgement Day? Top 5 things effected by Interest Rates sky-rocketing! - 06/07/07 03:03 PM
Dear Reader,
I just got out of my hot tub and figured now that I have relaxed a bit, why not blog about "Judgement Day" or otherwise known as May 7, 2007.  Today the interest rates went up significantly and effectively.  Was this a positive effect or a negative effect?  In most cases, it was a negative effect.  I want to blog about who gets effected and how they get effected with some examples.  I started out my day by going in the heated pool and once I was out drying off before I went to the office … (7 comments)

real estate: WARNING ALERT: Fraud? Bad Business? Lending Universe - 05/01/07 06:53 AM
Dear Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Professionals and Consumers,
I believe it is that time again where I spend some time out of my busy day to inform you of another bad experience that I just had with a lead generation company called Lending Universe  As you have read my previous blogs, I have no shame in coming out and blogging about a bad company because as a good person that I am, I want to save you from losing money and the headache that I got from Lending Universe.  I actually spoke to my rep at Lending Universeand I told … (19 comments)

real estate: Connecticut Foreclosures: How to avoid a foreclosure! Realtor & Lender Advice! - 03/30/07 02:04 AM
Dear Connecticut Homeowners,
In today's blog I would like to discuss foreclosures.  This is not my favorite word or subject but it must be stated and be available to you just in case you fall into this situation or know of a loved one that does.  You must be pro-active and stay ahead of the foreclosure process.  I viewed a segment today on ABC's Good Morning America and I wanted to share the highlights with you including a link to the actual story on the web.  As an "active" member of this wonderful Real Estate Networking Website:  Active Rain, it is my … (0 comments)

real estate: Amazing Active Rain Story! Thank You Active Rain for Web Exposure! - 03/24/07 07:48 AM
Dear Reader,
It is 3:00pm Saturday afternoon with beautiful weather I might add.  I am in the car with the family as we are heading north to New Hampshire to a family gathering.  On our way to New Hampshire, we stopped by a Wendy's fast food chain to grab a quick 15 minute late lunch.  I know, most of you know, that I dislike fast food but it was our only chance to have a quick lunch.  I gave my order to the gentleman behind the register and I turn around and see a Realtor.  A very well dressed professional looking … (43 comments)

real estate: Active Rain is not just Internet networking! - 03/23/07 07:52 PM
Dear Reader,
It is Saturday March 24, 2007 and yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure to meet with a real estate professional that I met on  Active Rain  Early last week I noticed Jane Walters had become a new member on Active Rain so I contacted her and welcomed her to the real estate networking website.  I did not know much about Jane Walters so I visited her website and I read more about her.  I noticed that she is a proven real estate professional with over a decade of experience and also a top producer with
  Prudential CT Realty She … (0 comments)

real estate: Active Rain means referrals for YOU! I've given 5 referrals in 1 week! - 03/22/07 05:00 PM

Dear Active Rain Members,
What does Active Rain mean to you?  What does Active Rain mean to me?  Let me answer the 2nd question right away and say that it means the REAL ESTATE WORLD to me!  I joined around 4th of July 2006 and was extremely active the first 5 months.  I then had personal health issues and work got super busy so I had to be there for myself (health) and for my clients/business partners.  I was away for a good 3 months straight and I feel as if I lost my popularity and exposure to new members here on … (5 comments)

real estate: Can you rely on FHA to save you 100% of the time? - 03/20/07 02:09 AM
Dear Reader,
Good morning from my home office here in Fairfield, Connecticut.  I just read a great blog by a mortgage professional and neighbor of mine Mr. George Souto which his blog can be reached by clicking on this link: FHA Stepping Up As Sub-Prime Steps Down.   George made some strong points about how FHA is coming to the rescue even though the sub-prime companies are vanishing into thin air.  I absolutely agree with him but his blog kept the negativity out.  What do I mean by negativity?  Yes, FHA has better rates, better guidelines that fit a first time home buyer but … (8 comments)

real estate: An American Dream has become an American Nightmare! Thoughts, Story & Article! - 03/18/07 09:03 AM
Dear Reader,
An American Dream has become an American Nightmare for some homeowners.  As the guidelines for sub-prime mortgages tightens more and more families will have to wait and be patient to purchase their home. 
 My Thoughts:
The changing of the guidelines is making it more difficult for borrowers to get approved by major financing institutions.  I personally don't see any light at the end of the tunnel for the time being.  As major financial gurus/financing analysts on CNBC said this past week, it is going to get uglier and no ease is in sight.  It is very sad to see … (3 comments)

real estate: 5 Quick Print Advertising Tips for Real Estate Professionals - 03/09/07 01:38 AM
Dear Reader,
It is an extremely cold Friday morning here in Fairfield, Connecticut and I just read a quick blog by my friend/realtor in Maryland Margaret Rome.  Her blog is about how some real estate professionals have lost sight on print advertising and are concentrating more on Internet advertising.  Check out her blog if you have time: Internet Advertising Only? ..... I Think Not !
Margaret's blog inspired me to write a blog about how real estate professionals can make print advertising work for them.  I will share what techniques I am currently involved in but remember that my techniques don't … (12 comments)

real estate: Realtor Helene Daly of Fairfield County Real Estate in Fairfield, Connecticut - 03/02/07 12:45 AM
Dear Reader,
I would like to take this time to quickly introduce one of the best Realtor's that I have met in the many years that I have been in the Real Estate Financing Business: Realtor Helene Daly of Fairfield County Real Estate
About Realtor Helene Daly:

Helene DalyFairfield County Real Estate

200 Mill Plain RoadFairfield, CT 06824Phone: 203-913-4026Fax: 203-255-5952E-Mail:
*    Listing and selling homes in Fairfield, Southport, Trumbull, Westport, Easton, Bridgeport,        Stratford, and Newtown.*    Resides in Fairfield, married and raising five school-aged children.*    Member of St. Thomas Aquinas Church serving as Eucharistic Minister, Parish Advisory Board       member, … (2 comments)

real estate: Fairfield, Connecticut Town Profile & Community Links - 12/24/06 05:52 AM
Welcome to the Active Rain town profile of Fairfield, Connecticut
Fairfield, CT Community Links:
Clubs and Organizations
Community Calendar
Coastal Fairfield County Convention and Visitor Bureau
Connecticut Tourism
Day Care Centers and Nursery Schools
Fairfield Arts Council/Cultural Calendar
Fairfield Board of Realtors
Fairfield Chamber of Commerce
Fairfield Citizen News Newspaper
Fairfield Historical Society 
Fairfield Minuteman (newspaper)
Pequot Library (Southport)
Places of Worship
State and Federal Representatives
(*Links were taken from the official fairfield, ct website)

Available to assist you with all of your home financing needs (Purchase or Refinance) 7 days a week! 
Call Nima today: … (2 comments)

real estate: 5 Reasons why realtors should co-host open houses with a mortgage professional - 12/21/06 01:15 AM
Dear Realtor,
We all know that most realtors host broker open houses and even public open houses but have you ever thought about inviting a mortgage professional to stand beside you?  Take a look at this list and you decide on if it makes sense to invite a loan officer to your next open house.  I will now share the top 5 realtor advantages of having a mortgage professional with you during an open house (Not in any specific order).
 1 - Save Money: Yes, save money!  Do you spend money on fliers, brochures, advertising, catering, etc.?  Well how about you … (20 comments)

real estate: Six small steps: MAKING A NETWORKING EVENT WORK FOR YOU - 12/03/06 04:04 AM
Dear Real Estate Professionals:
Do you attend networking events?  Ever wonder if you are wasting your time and money?  I would like to share my personal recommendations on how to better network during networking functions which usually cost a low entrance fee and cost you precious time. 
As many of you know, my name is Nima Rezvan, Home Loan Consultant or Loan Officer with Countrywide Home Loans; America's #1 Residential Home Loan Lender  in Fairfield County.  I grew up around a large diverse group of friends so I learned how to communicate and work with many different types of … (112 comments)

real estate: Best Marketing and Worst Marketing of 2006 - 10/16/06 06:52 AM
Dear Active Rain Members & Real Estate Professionals:
I just finished reading and commenting on a blog by Jennifer G. (Active Rain Member from Atlanta, Georgia) and it inspired me to write this blog about the best and worst Marketing move you made as a real estate professional in 2006.
Let's start out with the best move and I am sure most of you who do comment on this blog and share your GOOD and BAD move with us that most of you will mention the same GREAT move that I made in 2006. 
MY BEST MARKETING MOVE in 2006: Joining … (54 comments)