seo: Shhh! Be Vewy Vewy Quiet. I'm Hunting Keywords... - 03/20/07 01:18 PM
Before we even get started, let me answer a question that you will probably be asking yourself about me as you read this. “Yes”
Yes, I should probably be institutionalized for even trying to compete for the terms below, let alone compete for them in California.  I guess I’m just one of those people who just hate being told “that can’t be done.”  I’ll keep banging my head against this wall until I pass out or I win.  But, my insanity serves only to benefit you, my good friends, the Realtors®. 
I think it is safe to assume that that … (5 comments)

seo: Why SEO Is Important for Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Professionals - 03/17/07 07:20 PM
I just read a a great blog post that sums up Why Search Engine Optimization is Crucial for Your Small Business.
As someone who considers himself a firm believer in the importance of the interest as it relates to the future of my mortgage business, I found the article to be a great reminder that the internet goes far beyond being a venue for traditional “mortgage marketing.”
I could blabber on about it, but the post really speaks for it self.  Check it out.

seo: Article Marketing: The Cheapest, Fasteset Way To Promote Your Website - 03/11/07 08:51 PM
Over the past few years, online article marketing has become one of the quickest and most affordable ways to build one way backlinks to your website.
The concept of article marketing is simple; you write an original article and then submit it to free article directories.  You include a “resource box” in the article that briefly touches on your services and that includes a link back to your website. 
These articles don’t have to be long at all, in fact, the recommended length is 450-700 words per article.  You will want to make sure that the article is genuinely informative and … (10 comments)

seo: A Step By Step Guide To Creating and Marketing Your Own Lead Generation Website - 03/10/07 09:22 AM
First, thanks everyone for all of the positive comments!  I’m glad to see that there are others out there who think this information can be useful.  Over time, I’m probably going to go off on a few tangents in this what I’m sure is going to be a long series of posts, so please bear with me.
If you look around, pretty much everything that I may end up going over has been posted before in one form or another. I’ve spent the last couple of days reading over previous posts on ActiveRain regarding internet marketing.  There is a ton of … (7 comments)


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