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Mortgage rule changes coming March 18th 2011. Max amortization on government insurance (CMHC) backed mortgages (CMHC deals) = 30 yrs Max Loan To Value on refinance = 85% No government insurance backing (CMHC insurance) on secured credit lines 5% down remains the minimum downpayment (unchanged - t...
The ideal candidate for a mortgage conversion would be someone who intends to continue occupying the property for at least the next 3 years (mortgages can be ported but it's tricky to get it right...and the interest per day charged can outweigh the logistics of doing this so therefore most people...
Turned down or not approved for the amount you need?    While most people know that they have a "credit rating," not all know their scores or how these scores are  calculated. If your mortgage application is refused or approved for less than expected, there's an opportunity for me to help people ...
Firstly, let me make my disclaimer...the reason I want to write about them is because after reading through some condo notes, I am now a Bedbug expert and if you think it won't happen to you...YOU MUST READ ON! IT CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE.... Bedbugs are not found in "dirty" can an...
One of the biggest problems I encounter far too often is with our high number of self-employed borrowers (BC has the highest number of self-employed people!). Help your self-employed borrowers ensure they know about these eligible deductions that can be added back to their income to help them qua...
I don't mean to sound like an infomercial...but with the upcoming mortgage rule changes on April 19th...I feel this is important to get the word out before this program possibly gets pulled too. If you have clients without the typical 5%  downpayment saved (they must still have a little something...
Hello Vancouver, as of April 19th 2010 we are getting tougher rules imposed yet again in a bid to prevent the US style housing melt down that besieged the US for the past few years. I guess it's good but we are already very conservative in Canada and have not experienced what happened in the US. ...
Get the best of both worlds! While not as low as 3.69% if a Buyer were to lock in for a full 5 years, it's the way I chose to go with my own personal mortgage.   The 50/50 Wise Mortgage is here and here's what it is: 3.89% for the 5 Year Fixed portion Prime - 0.20% for the 5 Year Adjustable Rate ...
3.64% fixed for 5 years, I must say I didn't think we would see rates this low again since hitting new histori lows in the fall market. Rates had crept back up, bond markets we're inching up and were seemingly levelling off. The question I get most frequently is "what do I think is happening with...
Hello Vancouver, it's RRSP time in Vancouver and this question has comes up for me today...and then I conveniently got a good reminder summary today from First National bank so I thought I should pass it along for the Canadian First Time Home Buyers... First time home buyers who are Canadian resi...

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