Instead of an outright purchase of a home, a lease with the option to buy can make more deals happen.  Here are some benefits that often occur in these type transactions: Seller Benefits: 1.  Instead of selling a property with seller financing, when a seller does a lease option they still have t...
Natural resources fuel the building industry, and many of the materials used deplete those resources at an accelerating rate. The world is becoming more conscious of how human actions can impact the planet. The best emerging choice is wood, a sustainable resource. With proper management, wood can...
Many of us are shocked and dismayed at the amount of money the federal government is spending on Wall Street businesses that are failing. Well it is about time that Uncle Sam did something for Main Street and now its happening!The Federal Government wants to help you to participate in the dream o...
While many log home producers have been putting their prices up, New England Cedar Homes have announced that they will buck industry trends and reduce the prices on all of their log homes, post and beam homes, and modular log homes.  Across the entire model range a price reduction of $15 per squa...
Green Living Sod Roof System The innovative Green Roof System is designed for superior Storm Water Management creating a sustainable green roof. We can work closely with you from conception stage to ensure you maximise the benefits of this green roof system.GREEN ROOF SYSTEM - ADVANTAGES ECOLOGY:...
Western Red Cedar is saturated with a natural preservative and is coveted for its resistance to splitting, cracking, decay, rot and pestilence. It's exceptionally light with a soft texture and a close, even, straight grain which makes it easy to work and finish to a smooth, silky perfection. It's...

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