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We are extraordinarily Lucky on the east coast to have the full range of seasons. With the different weather comes a wide range of recreational activities. Currently it's ski season in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. But that is not the extent of the options, no not even close. How about: C...
Cannon is located in the Fanconia Notch State Park. It is unique in the fact that the State of New Hampshire still owns and operates it (so far). There has been legislation and attempts to lease the recreation area to a private firm to run the ski operation. So far the efforts have failed. The St...
We all want to buy at the bottom and sell at the top. But if your buyer is sitting on the fence do yourself a favor, identify the needs, and desires and point them out when you have found them and don't let the search go on forever. You want to be so many miles from work, have so many bedrooms, a...
If you are not familiar with Condo-hotel ownership, let me explain. You own a condominium like all ownership interests, but this one offers a front desk to manage rentals if you want them. Because the income is derived by offering great amenities, a superior location and featuring management serv...
When Happy Days (the TV Show) was loosing it's audience appeal a stunt was devise to tune people back in. A dare between rivals was cooked up, which would allow a stunt to be done. Fonz was going to jump a shark. It was stretched out over a few episodes as a cliff hanger, and in the end it turned...
                             The Christmas Cats Opened their gifts Put on their antlers (minus one bell) And use the tree as their scratching post.                                  Merry Christmas All.
I work in a Ski Resort Market, but as a local I will not attempt to get on the hill during the Holidays. For this reason I went skiing this morning and limited my time on the slopes to 90 minutes. It was snowing hard this morning and we have received over 3 feet of the white stuff in just the pas...
There are many stalled land development projects, subdivisions or simple home sites for sale. When your seller wants to get some kind of deal, here is an option to look at. Find a builder willing to speculate on a home, even if he is not interested in an out right land purchase. The seller will t...
Silent takes on a whole new meaning not many out in this mess. We are expecting 12-18 inches of snow from this storm. The Train Photo is right out my office back door. In fact I sat on the roof on this abandoned car to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July. Turns out to be pretty handy to have a...
CNL Properties inc, is acquiring resorts while many would be developers sit on the side lines. This real estate investment trust has quietly and in some cases not so quietly purchase many of the top New England Ski areas over the past few years. Currently they have acquired; Bretton Woods, Loon M...

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