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Grandfathered Property...offing irreplaceable location, smell. sight & Sounds. In July of 2008, the state of New Hampshire changed the shore land protection act, for any lake, pond, ocean or 4th order river (stream) or larger. The new set back requirements for septic systems is now 250 feet, with...
As a member of the Activerain Platform , I'm constantly amazed at the general knowledge my peers posses.  140,000+ real estate professional share what they know and what they have learned in this ever changing field,   I'm again blessed to have that information at my finger tips (thank you). But ...
   Consumer Confidence and Second home sales. Realtors and developers whose main income stems from discretionary vacation home sales are in for some tough times.   The baby boomer market (our target) has lost 30-40% of their wealth in the last 6 months.   Sellers will need to face the facts that ...
I created this poster of one of my favorite hikes using free Flickr Software, hope you enjoy the view.   This is a view of Cannon Mountain Ski Slopes during the early fall. Echo Lake , several 4,000 foot hikes and access to the Appalachian Mountain Trail are all near by trail heads that intersect...
This post goes under the heading of "why was this our first visit" when it is 6 miles from home. We live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the men are hardy, the women are capable and the maple trees are plentiful. In the town of Thornton sits a fairly rustic structure with a sign an...
If this was a bank sale I would have called the bank, and gotten the problem fixed without much concern about reimbursement. But when you have a short sale and the seller asks you to fix something, and you have serious concerns about the vendor being paid what do you do? The home has been vacant ...
Now I know that is a long title but, there is so much to praise about this property. Number 1) it's on a spectacular Golf Course 2) it is 8 minute to the states largest ski area 3) it offer on site recreation for big and small 4) we have no income or broad based sales tax in New Hampshire ) th...
Unique River front home at the Loon Mountain Ski Resort...being offered as a short sale. This is a custom build Spectacular Pemigewasset River Address, located adjacent to national forest Land. Close to town and skiing, but 26 miles from the next man-made structure to the East. The Areas best kno...
My wife and I got a perfect day to ski and be together... It's a rare event and I would like to share with my Activerain friends.  What a day this is why we live here, and Boy I could use a break (phone is vibrating with a message).   We are always ready to talk real estate..especially when there...
White Mountain Post & Ski Times…March 24th 2009 _______________________________________________________________________________________ State & Federal Land Swap Doubles Cannon Mt. Ski Area. Date Line: Friday...March 20th 2009...Grafton County ____________________________________________________...

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