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Now there is something you don't see everyday!  Years ago I sold this home which was once a Nunnery, and the folks that purchased it used it as a ski house. What's was so unique about that, well let me tell you it used to have eleven bedrooms in it. The house Currently contains "NINE BEDROOMS" tw...
Trains may come and trains may go, but not all haul cargo or commercial freight. I have half a mile of train track abutting my property, it's part of the Old Boston / Maine line. It has been a long- long time since it was used for commerce of any type. The tracks are currently lease to a fmaily t...
Buyers Seeking Huge discounts on Listed bank owned properties...Take Notice. Let me bust your bubble a bit, the price that the bank agreed to put on the property has been heavily discounted already. When we, as listing agents are asked to come up with a price we must justify how we arrived at our...
A typical Winter seasonal Rental (for the 6 month ski season) in a high quality location with access to the slopes goes for $12,000 plus utilities. I have a new condominium at south peak resort (on Loon Mt.) that wishes to rent full time. The local employment base doesn't allow for yearly rentals...
Dear Conor There were times when sleep was but a memory, and all things went into your mouth. I wondered then if I was cut out to be a dad. My ears grew more sensitive to subtle sounds in the night, my sense of smell deadened by noxious diapers and now gym socks that appear in the strangest place...
  New Hampshire, ranked lowest crime rate in the Nation Again. The data compiled to produce this 2009 report by CQ Press was gathered nationally by using the UCR (uniform crime reporting). The  statistics presented, were based on: murder, rape , robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and Auto thef...
Truth in advertising, this is a breath taking view with mature fruit trees, berry Bushes and heirloom Flowers.  The Original Farm that sat on this very foundation was knocked down to make way for a modern center Chimney cape style home. Elsworth Hill, is synonymous with spectacular views ,horse p...
We all offer advice to clients when they are buying a home, here are three areas not many brokers have taken the time to become experts on; Flooring , fire extinguishers and Appliances. *An easy test for good Carpeting.                                                        #1. Closely packed sur...
Two scientific studies...offer Men & Women an excuse to just say no!! Ladies: Did you know, Orgasms don't mean better sleep. It's commonly believed that satisfactory sex with orgasm leads to better sleep for both partners. But a recent experiment conducted by the Medical Aspects of human sexualit...
When a project has more that 10% of all the properties listed, forget about getting a Fannie Mae loan. This is one of those catch 22 moments, in order to sell current inventory, you can't already have too much to sell. Here is one of the big struggles we face with buyers, they see great rates out...

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