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    Has it occurred to consumers Real Estate Sales have reached the perfect storm status? There is a multitude of contributing factors, and in my opinion a very short window to achieve a great buy.        Home Prices have fallen 32% since the peak in the second quarter in 2006. Nationally prices ...
The Master plan of the South mountain Resorts Calls for 900 residential properties to be built, based on the first 100 already sold: 70% will be valued over  1 million dollars for each property. This flat site offers town water & sewer... and an annual traffic count of 1.5 million cars. Directly ...
  Memorial Day means different things to different generations. As I mowed the lawn last night I had time to reflect on yard work, my father and my son and the different meaning my generation feels about most holidays and our chores.     My father went to Korea and by that I don’t mean he asked t...
Moose, Mud, Mountains and river scenes a typical morning on my way to work. These Big lumbering beasts look so prehistoric when you get up close (and they don't smell very good either). four wheel drive in the mud...I couldn't get him to turn around (he was about 30 feet off the road) Views from ...
This is my favorite time of year for golf and real estate, the days are getting longer, school isn't out yet and the dark days of winter are done (oh and the pests aren't biting yet). If you quit half way you'll never see the 10th hole. Jack O'Larntern Resort Woodstock New Hampshire 7 pm... Thurs...
The Mountain Club on Loon *Summer pool scene.   Not everyone is familiar with the Quarter share concept so here is how it works. You are able to purchase weeks assigned as  "A,B,C & D" this will determine your schedule for years to come. But every owner has a fair chance to have every conceivabl...
What do people want in a Family get away property?  They want to get away from the day to day activities of home, but with easy and direct access. They want pleasant views, water, and recreation right out their door. In other words they want it all, and once there they don't want to work hard to ...
    Recreation, Rental, Resort Review for Retirement.   With resort prices at an all time low buyers are thinking beyond the family needs for a vacation home.   Recent visitors have a strategy to do what they love now in the White Mountains, help support the   real estate ownership with rentals, ...
Three years ago distant prior-investors (owners at other Centex Resorts) were giving the opportunity to purchase the premiere locations at Loon's South Peak Resort.  Past buys from the Centex development company proved to be profitable (upon re-sale), so many purchased sight un-seen. Fast Forward...
A Little photo journey in the yard today, wild flowers, dead trees, water and other treasures left behind after a Cold winter in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Assorted Wild Flowers growing in the back field. The dead birch and oak trees are plentiful this year...but the mushrooms don't mi...

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