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 2009...has not been my worst year in the real estate business since I began my career 26 years ago. Needless to say its not my best...record setting...I'm going to retire young year, either. One Thing that separates the going through the motions agents from the get-er-done agents is making the c...
White Mountain Ski Area Condominium...that is on a 18 hole golf course. Good timing for a family seeking recreational property for the up coming ski season. The Resort offers excellent rental income during the golf season. If you have been looking for a family ski place that will cover a lot of t...
I was inspired to tell my one and only Halloween joke, when looking through some of yours. Its a little bit naughty but, we are all grown-ups here. What do you get when you cut out your Pumpkin too soon...before Halloween?    A Pre- Mature A-Jack-O'Lantern. Take it easy this weekend the shoes you...
Diary of a Veteran Agent...I say experienced, and you may say old.   I'm beginning to show a little white on the top...but only my hair dresser knows for sure! I love the sound of running Water...but it makes me have to pee.   Some of the new Real Estate Buzz words: Transparent and Authentic When...
Please enjoy the photos Taken today on my hike in the Woods...Caution It's time to wear hunter orange if you're out in the Woods. Today's photos focus of Moss and waterfalls. Woodstock New Hampshire.   This section of Glover Brook Stays in the shade throughout the year, and the moss is everywhere...
White Mountain rains are filling Loon Mountain's snow making ponds, in time for the snow machines to get cranked up. I drove up to the ski slopes today and the Snow guns were all out and ready for the first cold snap to start blowing the white stuff.   I have to say the Late October showers and t...
Fun Pumpkin Facts.   The Irish brought the tradition of pumpkin carving to America. It started with the carving of turnips. When the Irish immigrated to the U.S., they found pumpkins a plenty and they were much easier to carve.   Colonists sliced off pumpkin tops: removed seeds and filled the in...
Live like you are dying, the lyrics of this Tim McGraw song speaks volumes to many different people. As I listened to what this song is advocating, It occurred to me many sellers should heed this lesson. They put a price on a property that they think "someday" it may sell for. If moving on with y...
  Alpine Lakes Real Estate – Lincoln New Hampshire. I’m very pleased to announce the addition of two new agents who will be working out of the Lincoln – Loon Mountain Resort area office.                                                             Debbi Ward is an Associate Broker & Realtor who gr...
I know there are a lot of flat-landers out there...These are people that come from out of state to see the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire...or recreate in the White Mountains. I took a couple of pictures this morning that I just got around to down loading in to the computer. The cloud cover...

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