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A little snow shower couldn't stop us from playing golf today. Enjoy there great pictures. My good friend Mick and I hit the links for our first round of the season... you can see Mount Lafyette in the background higher elevations received over a foot of snow last night. (1st hole) Coming up the ...
weird weather...last week in April and it snowed today. The mountains about 8 miles from my 8 - 13 inches today. I have a golf match scheduled for Thursday...and the weatherman is saying 80 degrees by Saturday. If you want to get it all in one week move to the mountains of New Hampshir...
Remove the clunkers from the market inventory.  Why do all the government backed mortgage foreclosure properties go back on the market...opening the flood gates of inexpensive - yet often tainted structures. Said another way, if the foreclosed property is in such poor condition why re-sell it to ...
  Just the truth plain and simple…. *Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks *A Flashlight is a case for holding dead batteries. *A bartender is just a pharmacist with a limited inventory. *It’s better to understand a little than misunderstand a lot. *It may be lonely at the to...
Yellow Birch Circle, South Peak resort on Loon Mountain Lincoln New Hampshire. The Exterior is nearly completed, but I'll have to share some interior shots in a future post. The Adirondack style home uses a variety of wood to create texture and shadow for a rich woodsy look. This home has used a ...
I came in for a rental showing, but promised my wife I would work on the Honey -Do-List. I made plans to go to Home Depot to get the things I needed, I have to re-build the back stairs before some fat visitor ends up on the ground. I really must get my rear in gear, and get this project started. ...
  White Mountain New Hampshire Listing inventory picks up in the Spring time…the snow is gone, but is it time to sell?   Is It Time to sell? This question has more to do with the individual seller than it has to do with the market. What is your goal, motivation and what was your original purchase...
The clouds threatened to cut the track events short...but the rain held off. Conor had three events to run, and the look he gave me before his first event told me not to worry. My son knows I can't make his invitational event on Saturday...appointments have filled my schedule. I was listening to ...
We all have times of the year that we are busy...and times that suppressing a yawn is hard work. This time of year...all the exercise I get is pushing my luck.    Continuing education requirements, third item on todays agenda...#1 coffee #2 feed the squirrels to keep the cats busy while I'm out. ...
  Deer Park Woodstock New Hampshire   Forget the sales pitch…Yeah I have a few condos for sale at this resort, and yeah I would like to sell them, but what I really want my readers to see is the cool pictures. The Resort is called Deer Park, it is in the White mountains of New Hampshire, and it h...

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