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The price is often right to buy a foreclosed home these days, but should you?  These homes, flooding the local market, often offer features not available except in more costly homes.  There are also a few things to watch about this type of property sale. The homes are often owned by banks, or in ...
Before closing the deal on your dream house, it is vital to have it inspected by a licensed home inspector. Your real estate agent can give you a list of inspectors for you to choose from. Do some homework on the inspectors. Check references. Some states are very strict on the qualifications to b...
All of us have turned on the TV and at seen the commercials promising help to troubled borrowers who may be late on mortgage payments or facing foreclosure.  Many of the ads that flood our televisions, radios, and the internet are scams. Firms typically will charge a large fee of $1,000 or more a...
Buying a home is an exciting time that offers many parallels to dating. You look for the basic characteristics you want in your home. You want spacious ... all brick ... tri-level ... hardwood floors ... 2 car garage with a light commute to work.  When you find the perfect package, you are thrill...
President Obama promised some creative approached to fixing the economy.  His latest budget recommendation to reduce the mortgage interest deduction for high income taxpayers has produced many arguments on both sides.  The approach may be creative, but it is also very controversial. This year, th...
With more houses currently being listing on the market, you may be surprised what buyers are really looking for in their dream homes. Every potential buyer looks through many homes; sadly in the last twenty years, most houses have the same kinds of floor plans and the same kinds of outside design...
To help up to 9 million borrowers stay in their homes, the Obama administration has launched a "Making Home Affordable" program. This program is designed to keep struggling borrowers in their homes through refinanced mortgages or loans that are modified to lower monthly payments. To qualify for t...
Some potential homebuyers are sellers themselves. In a market where it often takes longer to sell a home and where it is harder to get the asking price, these buyers have a dilemma. Typically, homeowners that sell one home to buy another want to secure their replacement home first. The market mak...
So you want to refinance your home. Perhaps you bought when the rates were a couple points higher than now or maybe you have an adjustable rate mortgage you'd like to convert to a conventional mortgage. Current rates are inviting but the problem is with you. Maybe your credit is poor, you have ex...

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