glenview homes for sale: Open House Etiquette in Glenview - 11/08/12 10:34 AM
Are you ready to start house hunting in Glenview via open houses? Or are you just a neighbor who likes to know what houses are like in your neighborhood? Either way, open house etiquette dictates that everyone is welcome to have a look at an "open" house.
What happens when you stop at an open house? Well, first of all, you'll probably find one of these three types of real estate agents as your host:
1. The Host with the Most: This agent will likely greet you at the door and may even follow you around the home to … (1 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Water and Electric - Things to Watch Out for When Buying an Older Glenview Home - 11/06/12 06:04 AM
Did you know the number one cause of damage in an older home is water? It's true. And, gutters and downspouts are the leading cause of water damage. So, if you're thinking of purchasing an older home in the Glenview area, check the gutters and downspouts. If they're plugged-up or coming loose from the house, be aware that this can cause water to overflow and wind up rotting trim boards and gaining entrance to the home.
Water damage can also happen on the lower parts of a house. As a home ages, the earth around it naturally settles allowing … (7 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Do You Want Your Glenview Home to be Super Organized? - 11/01/12 11:17 AM
If you want your Glenview home to be super organized, there are some special tricks you need to know. And don't forget, getting organized is only half the battle. It's a lot like losing weight--sometimes it's easier to lose the weight than to keep it off. Same thing with being organized--it's probably easier to get organized than it is to stay organized.
1. A Home for Everything--Everything must have its own storage area, and when it's not in use, it should be in its storage spot. This will go a long way towards STAYING organized. For the stuff you … (3 comments)

glenview homes for sale: The Grove Arts & Craft Faire is Coming Soon to Glenview! - 10/30/12 11:29 AM
The Grove Arts & Craft Faire is coming soon to Glenview! It's right around the corner on November 1st through the 4th and the following week on November 8th through the 11th, 2012. Hours on Thursdays and Fridays are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and hours on Saturdays and Sundays run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The Faire is located at The Grove National Historic Landmark at 1421 Milwaukee Avenue in Glenview. For more info, you can contact them at 847-299-6096. Adult admission is $5 while kids get in for only $1! Get an additional $1 off … (2 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Preview Sunday's Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage View Magazine - 10/25/12 11:13 AM

The View magazine will be coming out in the Chicago Tribune this Sunday, October 28th. But you can see it first right here!
Click here to preview the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage View magazine showcasing a wide variety of properties from single-family homes to luxury condos to roaming estates to vacation homes. View Fall 2012.

glenview homes for sale: Glenview Home Appraisal 101 - 10/23/12 11:52 AM
You may think all of the hard work is over once you've found a buyer for your Glenview home, and an offer has been accepted. Let's hope you're right. However, there are some things that still have to be done to ensure that your buyer can get the money he needs from his lender.
The first thing is a general inspection of the home. There may also be a second inspection required for termites, or as termite inspectors like to call them, WDO. WDO stands for wood destroying organisms and could actually mean something more than just your run-of-the-mill termite.

glenview homes for sale: Keep Stress at Bay During Your Move to Glenview - 10/18/12 12:53 PM
 Getting ready to move to a new Glenview home? You might be interested to know that although this seems like a pretty stressful undertaking, it ranks only as the 28th out of 40 most stressful life events on a scale created to measure the impact of such things on our lives.
Even so, there are ways that you can make it seem less stressful. Try some of these and see if they help.
1. Create a Support Team. Your team might consist of your spouse, family, friends, even the guys who will be helping load your items onto their moving van. … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Look Out! There are Ghosts and Goblins Among Us in Glenview! - 10/16/12 07:38 AM
The most spooktacular time of the year is almost upon us! Halloween is a favorite holiday with most kids, and being safe when trick-or-treating will help ensure that it stays that way for parents and kids alike.
Glenview has set their trick-or-treating hours for this year, and they are from 3 p.m. until 7 p.m. on Halloween day, Wednesday, October 31st. This way, it will still be light out during most of the trick-or-treating time, helping kids and their parents to stay safer while out in the neighborhood having some fun.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Mr. and Mrs. Homebuyer--Why Can't You Find the Right Glenview Home? - 10/11/12 01:46 PM
House hunting in the Glenview area can be fun and challenging, but at some point it can also become drudgery. That point is when you start thinking you're never going to find the right house for you and your family. How can you help yourself find the right home and avoid this pitfall?
Here are a few tips to finding the best home in the Glenview area that will fit your needs and wants.
1. Make a List. First of all, before you ever leave your current home to begin your house hunt, sit down and figure out what it … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Listen to Your Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Glenview Home - 10/09/12 06:33 AM
When trying to sell your home, you may have your own ideas of how to do it. But don't forget, your Glenview real estate agent is a trained professional, so you'll usually do better if you pay attention to what you're being told and follow their suggestions.
For example, here are five tips sellers should use when trying to sell a home quickly and at a good price:
1. Set Your Price Carefully--This is a crucial time for taking your agent's advice. They will look at comparable sales in your area while taking into account differences in your home and … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Does Your Glenview Home Harbor Pet Odors and Flying Fur? - 10/04/12 12:58 PM
When you're selling your Glenview home, there are so many things you want to have just right. One of those things is how your house smells to homebuyers. If you have dogs, you may worry that you also have pet odors or flying fur in your home.
According to the American Pet Products Association, 62 percent of U.S. households--that figures out to 71.4 million homes--are home to some sort of pet. Of those homes, 45.6 million house 77.5 million dogs. That's a lot of potential doggy odor!
So, here are a few tips to keep your pet-loving home smelling … (12 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Got a Closet in Your Glenview Home that Needs a Makeover? - 10/02/12 09:00 AM
Does your Glenview home have a walk-in closet that needs a makeover? Is it so cluttered you have to drop breadcrumbs to find your way back out? Is it overflowing into the next room? Do you even have any idea of what may be in there anymore? If you answered yes to these questions, you definitely have a closet that needs a makeover.
It's easy to have a large closet that just seems to swallow junk and never spit it back out. Here are a few tips to get that room in line and make it into an organized … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Fall in Glenview--When Leaves Fall, Temperatures Fall, and Snow Will Soon Fall - 09/28/12 11:36 AM
Yes, it's that time of year in Glenview once again. Fall--that time just before winter when the leaves fall, temperatures fall, and soon snow may fall. Is it any wonder they call it "fall?"
Here are a few tips to do now that will help your home survive the cold winter ahead a bit more easily:
1. Clear and Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts. While this is not a pleasant job, neither is having to pay for roof damage caused by the weight of frozen snow pulling the gutters away from the supporting structures of the roof. Wait until … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Learn About Your Glenview Heritage at the Grove Folk Fest - 09/25/12 12:00 PM
Want a great way to learn about your local Glenview heritage and how people lived 175 years ago in the Glenview area? Then plan to attend this year's Grove Folk Fest on Sunday, October 7th. Held at The Grove, 1421 Milwaukee Avenue, in Glenview, admission to this day of fun is only $4 for adults and $1 for kiddos 12 and under. The Fest begins at 11 a.m. and runs till 5 p.m., so bring the whole family and have fun while you learn.
The Grove became a National Historic Landmark in 1976, and includes the home of the … (2 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Make Your Next Glenview DIY Project a Winner - 09/18/12 10:54 AM
While it is true that we learn from our mistakes, when it comes to do-it-yourself projects around the home, it's best to avoid as many mistakes as you can! They not only wind up making your project cost more, but they can also result in it taking longer to complete. So here are a few things to help you make your next Glenview DIY project a winner.
1. Be sure you get all the proper permits for your area. In certain cases, such as adding a wood stove to your home, you'll need the permit to show your insurance … (0 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Should You Pay Down or Pay Off Your Glenview Mortgage Early? - 09/13/12 11:54 AM
Have you been thinking you might like to pay off or at least pay down your Glenview home mortgage early? Here are some things to consider when deciding to pay down or pay off your mortgage early:
1. Does your employer match what you invest into your retirement account? If so, you might be able to put the money you would put towards paying off or paying down your mortgage early into your retirement account since your employer is in effect doubling (or at least adding a certain percentage over and above what you contribute) the amount you can invest.
2. … (3 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Let's Do a Photo Shoot of Your Glenview Home - 09/11/12 11:47 AM
While it may cost you a bit more in the beginning, having professional photos of your Glenview home as part of your listing is something you really do need. Even better, a video to let people feel like they're walking right into your home.
When the photographer comes to take your photos, have a list on-hand of some of the places you love most in the home, and be sure he or she gets good shots of those areas. Maybe your home offers a yard with lots of lovely trees, colorful flowers and a park-like atmosphere. If so, be sure to … (2 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Does Your Glenview Dream Home Include More Land? - 09/07/12 01:33 PM
Does your Glenview dream home include more land? If so, here are a few things to consider before you find that perfect house on four acres.
1. Are you going to have to move farther outside of the city where you work, play, and shop to find the land you desire? If so, you may now have a much longer commute, which means buying more gas, more oil changes, and other vehicle maintenance costs, while spending more time on the road going to and from work, shopping, etc.
2. Wherever it's located, chances are a house with acreage is going to … (2 comments)

glenview homes for sale: So, You Want to be a Farmer in Glenview! - 09/04/12 11:42 AM
Have you ever thought you might want to be a farmer? Since farmers do a lot of hard work, maybe being a part-time volunteer farmer would be even better. And, where better to do your farming than at Glenview's own Wagner Farm at 1510 Wagner Road. The 18.6 acre working farm is a great place to spend some time helping out.
Some of the chores you might find yourself involved in at the farm are digging potatoes in the farm house garden and helping little visitors pet the chickens. Volunteers get to interact with all of the great visitors that come … (2 comments)

glenview homes for sale: Exploring a Different Home Style - 08/30/12 04:05 PM
Today I want to explore a small brick house in Washington, D.C. to see what kind of lessons we can learn on making our own homes here in Glenview a good fit for us. This house is only 12 feet wide at its widest by 26 feet, but it does encompass about 1300 square feet in its three levels.
It has 2 bedrooms and a bath-and-a-half on a 423-square-foot lot and is currently on the market for $549,999. There's really no back yard at all and just a tiny garden area in the front. The present owner suggests that there is … (0 comments)

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