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Buying a new North Shore home is a big decision, one of the biggest financial decisions you may ever make, so buying new or resale is a factor that may weigh heavily on your mind. Last week I gave you the pros and cons of buying a new home on the North Shore. Now, here are some additional aspects...
There is no denying that the North Shore is a great place to live and raise a family. However, when looking for your perfect home, you need to look at whether buying a new home or a pre-existing home fits your lifestyle. You may be the type that loves a home with character in an established neigh...
During the summer, outdoor space in your Glenview home is just as important, sometimes moreso, than the inside. Take that into consideration when selling your Glenview home, by making your outdoor living space a place where potential buyers will want to sit and relax and contemplate making your h...
Selling your North Shore home in the summer can be a little more difficult than in other seasons. The heat and record-breaking rain that we’ve had in July can drive buyers from looking to instead focusing on their summer tasks at hand; vacationing, summer-type activities and keeping their kids, w...
One of the hardest things to do when selling your Glenview home is to keep it ready for potential buyers on a constant daily basis. After all, life goes on even when selling your home, and life can get pretty messy sometimes, especially if you have kids. Once you’ve done the deep cleaning, here a...
Have you ever thought it would be great to live in a village that looked to its community to dictate what building and improvements they’d like to see in their own community? This is an opportunity that the village of Northbrook is giving its residents. Northbrook received a $100,000 community-pl...
There are a lot of extra costs that are incurred when purchasing your new Glenview home; home insurance is one of them. You can start looking for home insurance quotes after your offer is accepted or escrow closes, but be sure to compare quotes and coverage to get the best deal.  Here are some ti...
If you are looking for an American Classic home, look no further than the North Shore. Known as the style that portrays the American Dream, the Colonial Revival style home can be found all throughout the North Shore; the Center Entry Colonial in particular. Movie directors often use a Colonial Re...
When selling your North Shore house, the last thing you want is potential buyers walking through your home and having an allergic reaction. No, allergies are not limited to the great outdoors, and yes, there are allergens hidden in even the cleanest of homes. Dust mites, dander and mold inside yo...
In Part 1, we discussed maintenance on most of your Glenview home's major kitchen appliances. Now that you have completed that care, we will finish up with the kitchen and move on to the laundry room. Remember, taking care of your appliances now will save you money on major repairs or replacement...

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