jay allen one: 15 Originals - 05/24/10 02:55 PM
In addition to real estate related activities, I also record music. Check out 15 of my original recordings...

1. Eel Song, 2. Something for You, 3. Much too Plain, 4. 'ip 'op in December, 5. Imminent,
6. Sloppy Bass on 2-17 (Part 2), 7. Calming in September 2003, 8. Syrupy Funk Drive,
9. Space on December 13, 10. Ballad of Trivial Fiction, 11. Why Must it be So, 12. Awful Song,
13. Try, 14. Earth's Okay (Version I), 15. Receding into Mediocrity

A Brief Bio:
The Jay Allen One began creating original bits and pieces in 1999. Its style … (5 comments)

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