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What is a Short Sale? Short Sale: when bank agrees to accept less than what home is CURRENTLY valued at. Home values in the town of Hamden as well as New Haven County have dropped drastically over the past few years. Short Sales are becoming increasingly common in the area because of the benefits...
Everyone has heard of me! Many even had the chance to experience me! What am I? ... I am Pepe's Pizza located in Wooster Sq in New Haven, CT. Yes, the world famous Pepe's Pizza is located in NEW HAVEN, CT. Every year first time Yale Students and their parents make the one mile trek from Campus to...
I decided in the middle of this week that I was going to give Zillow a try. Looking for ways to generate leads so I took a poll and a lot of people that I came in contact recommended Zillow. I think another reason that made me lean toward Zillow was that they have a pretty reasonable buy out clau...
Many around East Haven and New Haven and surrounding towns (including mine in Hamden) are troubled with the brown water coming through faucets and filling toilet bowls. I wish I had a GREAT solution...but I don't. My best advice is to: Conserve water usage Water grass and gardens an hour before s...
Looking to move? Looking for anĀ area where you can play tennis? Catch a baseball game? Play basketball? Look no further than Millrock in Hamden, CT. Located just minutes from Downtown New Haven and Yale University, Southern Connecticut State University and Alburtus Magnus College in addition to b...
It's that time of year again I hit the road with family for the many family reunions I attend, but this year something was different. I am a college graduate with a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management and oh boy, the level of service I have been getting in Michigan have been subpar. At a Wendy'...
A friend of mine married a life long friend early this year. There marriage ended abruptly Thursday, July 2nd. There marriage ended due to his passing in Afghanistan by a road side bomb that detonated! This holiday season when you hear the fireworks go off, remember those who still fight for our ...
I would like to start off saying that I do not work for AT&T or Apple, and that I am just an iPhone lover who is discovering how the iPhone will change the way I do business! I had the iPhone since last year, but not until this year have I installed any Real Estate apps, and not until yesterday w...
Today I was sat in a meeting with the Brokers of some of our offices with some friends down at and we discussed how we were going to transform our website to be in line with the times... A lot of time was spent speaking about social media and how if we wanted to stay competitive ...
I am happy to say that RainCamp is headed to Boston. I wish I was able to attend while it was in NYC but did not have the chance, but I am not sad... I am taking it as a calling for me to step out of my comfort zone (I am licensed in NY and CT) and take the chance to meet some new people. Like I ...

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