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Hidden Creek Estates is actually TWO sets of neighborhoods, a west neighborhood on Meridian Court off Dell Road, the other, an east neighborhood on Taylor Lane, off Noble Road.  The two are SPLIT by a creek between the two neighborhoods, both end in a cul-de-sac.  Homes to build by local contract...
I thought this was unusual at first, but further on, it makes more sense.  St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Saline had recently converted to emergency/out-patient services only, with patients needing overnight and/or more lengthy treatment being transferred to St. Joseph's in Ann Arbor. So now they c...
Travis Pointe Neighborhood Private Gated community. Homes in price range from $300,000 to $1,200,000. Includes houses, attached and detached condos. Indoor and Outdoor Pool Golf course and country club with fine dining. Saline and Ann Arbor mailing addresses. Lodi Township taxes. Click here for a...
Sure I've been aware of hemp products for years, but never in home-building construction!  Now they have hempcrete, a combination of hemp and concrete.  From the original article:  Hempcrete, which consists of hemp, lime, and water, is carbon-negative (the mixture requires carbon from the air to ...
How neat!  I've checked out other things like Dwell Magazine for these homes over the past year or so.  Happy to hear it's still going. After the fanfare and furor have died down about the net-zero community in East Austin, construction continues at SOL Austin. Homes here have a zero energy bill...
(Seen elsewhere on the Net, in and others) Probably rule #1 of creating a listing, check the D*%# photos before you upload them:   So what is he selling, a cubist artwork?    
I get a lot of this from folks, mostly those who are young and have never dealt with the possibility of owning or renting a house and have come out of apartments or have only lived with relatives. I've had to deal with the third point quite often, in which I have to stress that not only can I sho...
The following is very true, but more common it seems in our part of the country.  I'd prefer to say that foreclosures are really only a good bargain if the buyer is indeed someone in the construction or building services industry (a carpenter, tradesman, building contractor) and not for someone w...
I'm just going to make this simple for a lot of folks asking me, especially in this area, about doing any buying or selling, considering the freeze on foreclosures.    There's a good article here, but the direct answer is towards the end of it (directly from the article): What does this mean for ...

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