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Wow, what an amazing concept. Is it possible that this great nation of ours could fall as easily as the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Block did? Certainly the former USSR never thought they would crumble into oblivion as quickly as they did, did they? How about the Roman Empire? Everyone pretty much...
I just finished watching a fast paced 10 minute video on the topic of the current economic condition our country is in. Not only did it educate me and make me think, it made me MAD! Check it out Please leave your comments and feel free to repost this anywhere you like.
What Did Cheech and Chong Teach Us About the Current Housing Market?Those of us old enough to remember the comedy duo of the 1970's, Cheech and Chong will no doubt remember the bit they did about dog droppings.  As I ponder the routine, I can still here it in the echoes and deep recesses of my mi...
I was very disturbed when I red an article earlier this month that my local market had dropped in value by a full 9% in just one month.Hello, I live here and work this market full time - every day and yes, I have seen a drop month after month - it has never been 9% in a single month, despite what...
When a property is taken back by a lender through the foreclosure process they not only have to deal with the loss of the monthly payments for the better part of the last year – or n some cases even longer.  They not only have to provide the financial resources for the legal process to take the h...
  There is of course a huge difference between the traditional sale of a home compared to the sale of a home that has gone through the foreclosure process and is now owned by a bank / investor.  EMOTION To sum it up in one word it would have to be emotion.  That’s right the traditional homeowner ...
    The REO Agent is the player on the front line – the one who comes in direct contact with the public and other real estate agents representing buyers of the REO properties that the listing agent has listed in the MLS and is marketing for sale. The question is who does this agent work for?  The...
  With so much information available on the Internet it is no reason that consumers are often confused on any number of topics.  Well, the amount of information published about REO’s is no exception. Nearly 40% of the States in America DO NOT provide for the defaulted home borrower to redeem thei...
  To understand what a property that is owned by the bank is really all about, you must first understand the process that the real estate has gone through to end up on the lenders balance sheet as REO – or Real Estate Owned. You see, banks are not in the business of selling real estate – as a mat...
  As a Real Estate professional I find it critical to a successful career path to invest in my continuing education.  After all, what other professional would anyone ever want to use if they did not keep up-to-date on the latest laws, trends and acceptable ways of performing their duties?   Certa...


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