homeowner: Reverse Mortgage: What is it today? - 09/19/12 04:16 AM
Reverse Mortgage:  What is it today? I recently completed a 3 hour Continuing Education course at SRCAR – the local REALTOR Board. It was sponsored by Tamera Field and Security 1 Lending and presented as the only accredited course on the topic of Reverse Mortgage, by the National Association of REALTORS.  I was astonished by how different todays Reverse Mortgage is in comparison to what I thought a Reverse Mortgage was and what a great advantage it can be for the Senior (62+) Homeowner or Senior Borrower.
Right out the gate, I need to let my readers know that I cannot … (2 comments)

homeowner: California Prop 13 is Under Attack - 01/09/10 05:31 PM
On June 6th, 1978, nearly two-thirds of California's voters passed Proposition 13, reducing property taxes by about 57%.This was revolutionary in the way property tax has been assessed in this country.  No longer would California property taxes be subject to an assessment based on market value but now all California property owners can budget their property taxes based on an assessed value computed from the purchase price.Today, the opponents of Prop 13 are trying to figure out how to replace the current system with one reminiscent to the dated model of over 30 years ago, and bringing back many of the … (9 comments)

homeowner: 10 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Home Electrical System - 12/26/09 05:12 AM
As a REALTOR I have my own level of expertise and that is selling Hemet - San Jacinto, CA real estate.  Perhaps the most important aspect of my job is to not be all things to all people.  The key to my success in real estate is having professionals that I can call upon to do the things I do not claim to be an expert in.Case in point - you do not want to ask me advice on a homes electrical system...but if your are in the need to learn about your home electrical system, read this article and you will thank … (2 comments)

homeowner: Repeat Buyer Search Criteria for 2010 Planning - 12/23/09 02:38 AM
Well, I came up with an idea yesterday for creating a new niche in the Hemet - San Jacinto Real Estate marketplace - one that I believe no one is targeting.  You can read the general outline of this untapped market at the article I published, called - 2010 - Creating a New Niche in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA Real Estate Marketplace.Well, this has been consuming brain cells in the back of my brain and with some simple playing around this morning - I have figured out how to identify those who fall into this market...and it was … (6 comments)

homeowner: Insurance Tips for Hemet - San Jacinto, CA Buyers and Sellers - 12/19/09 09:13 AM
When buying or selling real estate in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA it is important to do your own due diligence on any home you want to purchase. . . or if you are the seller make sure you disclose what needs to be disclosed!I want to take the opportunity to refer a local 2nd Generation Hemet - San Jacinto, Ca Allstate Agent - Nathan Giddings.  He is very knowledgeable about all things homeowner insurance and is my 'go to guy' whenever I have an insurance question.

I'm not an insurance expert, just a simple homeowner who has … (1 comments)

homeowner: Cash for Caulking - Another Program for the Socialist States of America - 12/13/09 06:08 PM
If you are in favor of a nation of entitlements than I am sure you will love this post I found.  However, if you are a bit old fashioned and believe that you should get what you earn and don't require a government to tell you what to do or pay you to do what they think you should then you will be as outraged as I am on this matter.Here is one more government program, being proposed, that will create a cottage industry of handymen with caulking guns running around helping homeowners fulfill the program and make sure they get … (7 comments)

homeowner: Hemet - San Jacinto CA Short Sale: What is a Short Sale Package? - 12/09/09 12:10 PM
When a local Hemet - San Jacinto CA REALTOR meets with a local homeowner to discuss selling the home as a short sale, the topic of conversation turns to the documentation that the seller will have to produce to establish the fact that they can no longer afford to keep the home.  I often tell the homeowner it is as if they are un-qualifying for a home loan.
Each lender has their own formats of how they want the package submitted for their review and ultimate approval. Yes, you will find similarities between various lenders - but you must understand and … (4 comments)

homeowner: HEMET - SAN JACINTO, CA SHORT SALES: Who & What is Involved - 12/08/09 07:59 AM
Short sales in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA are a complex sale of residential real estate where the net proceeds from the sale of the home are insufficient to cover the sellers mortgage obligations as well as the closing costs that may include, but not be limited to, property taxes, transfer taxes and real estate commissions.  Many homeowners in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA What really makes a real estate transaction a short sale is all of the above AND the seller is unable or unwilling to cover the difference.  Short Sales go by different names in … (2 comments)

homeowner: AND WHAT IS HARDSHIP? - 12/07/09 07:38 PM
Short Sales are dominating the listing side of the MLS in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA and are starting to show up more and more in the SOLD MLS listings as well.The common denominator of all of these short sales is that the homeowner has experienced a hardship that prevents them from keeping up with the mortgage on their real estate.Many Hemet - San Jacinto homeowners may feel like times are tough - but not really have what the banks may consider to be a legitimate hardship.  So to help those in need, lets take a look at what … (61 comments)

homeowner: Not All Short Sales Are Created Equal - 12/07/09 06:09 AM
Short Sales:  Keys to SuccessShort Sales have certainly changed the real estate landscape in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA over the last several months.I first started listing Short Sale listings in the MLS in the Spring of 2007, in the local Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA area.  At the time, short sales were few and far between as the masses were still speculating if there was a housing bubble or not.Since then, I have learned there are four key elements that further the odds of a successful Short Sale listing, in the MLS.SELECTION:  While there are many homes … (1 comments)

homeowner: Home Warranty of America: Maintain Your Air Conditioner Video - 12/05/09 01:28 AM
Home Warranty of America (HWA) is the only company for me to use and recommend to my friends, colleagues and clients. Yes, I have the HWA policy for my home and have now used it twice. The service was 'top drawer' (that means the best if you are under the age of 40).
I had a plumbing contractor and a pool contractor in my home in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA - both showed up when expected. Both were clean and professional and both followed up to make sure my problems were resolved. Again, I'm very impressed with … (6 comments)

homeowner: Citigroup Suggests Mortgage Debt Forgiveness - 11/29/09 04:20 PM
I was reading a blog in an investor portal where the author was suggesting that Citibank is considering a new approach to the current economic crises that has our housing market in a downward spiral.Apparently the chatter I that Citibank will consider reducing the principal owed on individual homes in an effort to stop foreclosures.  Now, the author did not come up with any significant data to back this up...but it is an interesting concept that bears repeating and exploring.My own take is that the current loan modification and short sale programs just are not working out very well.  I know … (9 comments)

homeowner: Is it Time to Sell…or Renovate? - 10/21/09 01:22 PM
Is it Time to Sell...or Renovate?Many Hemet and San Jacinto, CA homeowners have been hit hard with the loss of equity, due to the collapse of our housing market and the decline in our general economic conditions.The down-side is many people thought they were buying a home as a stepping stone...thinking that their real estate investment in the Hemet - San Jacinto CA market would be a place to establish roots with a starter home and then they would be able to sell in a couple of years to another first time homebuyer - taking out the equity they planned on … (5 comments)

homeowner: market report: San Jacinto, CA | 8/21/2009 - 9/20/2009 | REO Sales and The Market - 10/19/09 11:49 AM
The Hemet - San Jacinto, CA real estate market has remained flat as the summer buying season came to an end.
This report wants to look back from the period covering August 21st through September 20th, 2009.
In particular we will look exclusively at the impact that bank owned homes have had on the market and how each of the four dominant finance types have an effect on the bank owned real estate transactions.The four finance types, of course, are:  Cash, Conventional - typically requiring 25% cash down by the borrower / investor, FHA which is predominately the first time home … (1 comments)

homeowner: Hemet - San Jacinto CA Bank Owned Homes and FHA Loan Requirements - 09/16/09 12:12 PM
The Southern California community of the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley in the South West Riverside County section of the Inland Empire Region has been one of the hardest hit in the entire country for it's loss of owner occupied homes being seized by lenders and converted to bank owned, or REO, properties.
Once the banks finally take possession they must be cleaned up- and made ready for sale, often by the REO Listing Agent assigned to these assets of the bank.  I know, this is what I do.
Since the Hemet - San Jacinto CA market has traditionally been one of the … (3 comments)

homeowner: Does The Bank Owned REO Home Have Issues in the Bathroom? - 08/31/09 06:50 PM
The Hemet San Jacinto Valley real estate market in South West Riverside County region of the Inland Empire of Southern California is dominated by the sale of bank owned (or REO = Real Estate Owned) properties. 
All of these bank owned homes are sold "AS-IS".  Although many purchase offers negotiate a home warranty to protect the new Hemet - San Jacinto Valley homeowner against system failures there are still many maintenance issues that must be addressed before the new homeowner can really feel at home and settle in to their new life. 
Bathrooms are notorious for requiring more than a bucket … (4 comments)

homeowner: What Do You Know About Water Purifiers? - 08/30/09 04:06 AM
Many homebuyers of real estate in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley are concerned with the quality of the water.  This is not a unique concern to the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley as consumers throughout all of South West Riverside County in the Inland Empire region of Southern California drink gallon after gallon of bottle water when in public...so it only makes sense that most home owners want nothing but the best water quality in their Hemet - San Jacinto Valley home. 
Like most good things in life there are options when shopping for a water purification system.  There are … (3 comments)

homeowner: REO – Agent Training and Marketing –What’s the Difference? - 09/21/08 07:05 AM
There is of course a huge difference between the traditional sale of a home compared to the sale of a home that has gone through the foreclosure process and is now owned by a bank / investor. 
EMOTION To sum it up in one word it would have to be emotion.  That’s right the traditional homeowner who wants to sell their home is emotionally attached to it.  They know of the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it the home it is today and they want to be compensated for their efforts. 
The traditional real estate transaction is … (7 comments)

homeowner: Questions Regarding “Rent to Own” - 01/19/08 01:25 AM
Right out the gate I will say that I have zero experience in the rent to own market and do not have any first hand experience to draw from, for this article.  However, I have recently been asked several times about a “rent to own” situation, which has required me to put on my thinking cap and playing a little ‘devils advocate’, while researching the topic. Common Knowledge
I’ll start with what I believe to be the ‘basic’ way that a ‘rent to own’, or ‘lease to own’ program works.  For this purpose, I’ll work with a set of assumptions throughout … (12 comments)

homeowner: Why Would a Hemet Homeowner Want to Do a Short Sale in 2008? - 01/09/08 09:57 PM
There is still much confusion in the market about Short Sales and the recent bill, H.R. 3648 the President signed into law, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 on December 20, 2007.
This is the law that retroactivleyl back to January 1, 2007 eliminates an IRS tax liability for forgiven debt relating to mortgages setteled ‘short'.Prior to the signing of the bill by President Bush, negotiating with lenders NOT to report the forgiven debt to the IRS was always one of the strongest benefits to pursuing a short sale.  Now thqt the governemnt has waved it's majic wand...people want to know … (2 comments)

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