listing: What's Going on Temecula Real Estate? - 03/29/12 05:30 AM
What’s going On?
Well, it has been a while since I have been active in either real estate or blogging on ActiveRain.  Many of you know, and have wished me well in the past, that I lost my wife to cancer on December 10, 2010. 
For the 8 months leading up to her passing and for the year following, I was not at all active in Real Estate.  However, I have decided it’s time to get back on the horse and get back to the professional passion that has driven me for years.
The question is – where do I go … (3 comments)

listing: REPEAT BUYER: SELL FIRST OR BUY FIRST? That is the Question! - 12/27/09 04:50 PM
The year 2010 is going to be an excellent year for the repeat buyer to move up in this down market.  The Hemet - San Jacinto real estate marketplace is a field of dreams for repeat buyers with equity in their existing homes.  I have been covering various aspects of this concept in a number of articles I've recently written.In this article, I want to answer the question many Hemet - San Jacinto homeowners contemplate and need to know how to proceed.  The question, of course, "Should I sell my current home before I buy?" and then, "What Happens if I … (1 comments)

listing: How To Find Investor Buyers for Bank Owned Listings - 11/29/09 04:21 PM
How To Find Investor Buyers for Bank Owned ListingsAs an listing agent of Bank Owned Homes (REO) my job is multi-faceted from securing a property, cleaning it up for resale, generating reports to help price the property and the ultimately listing the home in the MLS and selling the property with a successful close of escrow.As a listing agent, I rely on many traditional marketing methods to help sell the homes, as quickly as possible for the most amount of money for my seller client and the least hassle for my staff and I (as well as my client).Ideally, I want … (5 comments)

listing: Why Does the Law Care What Escrow Company I Use...and Does it Really Matter? - 11/16/09 04:16 PM
I just received an email from ReaLegal®, brought to me by the California Association of REALTORS® that an announcement of a form revision.This post really did start off as a simple review of the form and changes that are now in effect.  Read the whole blog and find out that it is much more than that...The REO Advisory (CAR form REO) has been updated to include the notice that Buyers of REO properties in the State of California (which include the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA by default) that they are not required to purchase escrow services or title insurance … (8 comments)

listing: New Listing in San Jacinto, CA Torino Neighborhood - REO Won't Last Long... - 11/08/09 03:53 AM
First, Let me say that I rarely use the term "won't last long" because I beleive it is the kiss of death.  I make fun of real estate listings all the time with similiar terms that have been on the market for months...However, this is one of those HOT PROPERTIES in a VERY DESIRABLE San Jacinto, CA Neighborhood.Here is my MLS Description (#H741469): This is the first video I ever created with a new video program from Animoto...this is the free version...
If you want to know how to get here - here are the directions:  Directions From the Ramona Expressway (Mountain … (1 comments)

listing: Building a Strong Internet Presence by Blogging - Real Topics that Drive Traffic and Generate Leads - 10/20/09 03:41 AM
This is such a good article that I had to add it to my own blog.
Here Ryan, the author, does a great job of analyzing his own blog writing for the past year and looks at the different types of articles he has written.  Some he tells us bring lots of comments while some of his most profitable blogs (commissions earned) never receive a comment at all.If you have any questions about blogging...why we do it or how to get started, please take a few minutes and allow this post to resonant with your blogging being...

BLOGGING AS … (8 comments)

listing: Foreclosure Heat Map: June 2007 & October 2009 - 10/04/09 06:49 PM
RealtyTrac, an online leader in tracking the statistics of Foreclosed Homes across the country publishes a heat map to show what areas are the hardest hit around the nation.Back in June, 200y, early in my relationship with the banks as an REO Listing Agent, I published a blog post showing the first map I had seen on the topic.  Being in California, I was actually surprised that we were not being the trend setter that we are know for.

 A little over 2 years later and California is right there at the … (6 comments)

listing: The Hemet - San Jacinto Real Estate Market is Red Hot - Shout Out to Hilary Wilkinson - 09/15/09 03:42 AM
Real Estate in the Southern California bedroom communities of the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley has been red hot all year long.  The community in South West Riverside County region of the Inland Empire have been dominated by Short Sale Listings and Bank Owned Sales  for the entire year.  It is not uncommon that once a home for sale is listed on the MLS that offers start to come in within 24 hours.  Although the exception and not the rule, as an REO Listing Agent I am no longer surprised when I see offers come in on my listings in less … (2 comments)

listing: San Jacinto Market Analysis – SOLD 5/20/09 – 6/20/09 FINANCING OBSERVATIONS - 06/21/09 10:01 AM
In my recent post on this series, San Jacinto Market Analysis - SOLD 5/20/09 - 6/20/09 I shared insight to the overall San Jacinto real estate market by providing a brief synopsis of current market conditions by analyzing all of the 136 residential real estate homes that closed escrow between May 20th and June 20th, 2009.  In the previous segments I looked closely at each of the 4 types of financing used to buy a home in the San Jacinto CA real estate marketplace.  The five previous segments published are:
FINANCING - … (0 comments)

listing: BPO - A Question Answered - 11/29/08 02:17 PM
My last blog post, 500 BPO's and I'm Still Learning,  was actually meant for the REO GROUP on LinkedIn that I administer - unfortunatley LinkedIn only allowes 2000 characters per 'Discussion' post, so I posted the entire article here on my ActiveRain Blog.(if you would like to join the REO GROUP at the LinkedIn Social Networking site, just visit the link and send me a request, throough the LinkedIn system.  It would be nice if you let me know how you found the group.)
I received a rather lengthy reply from a out-of-state investor that I have worked with in the … (6 comments)

listing: REO – Agent Training and Marketing –What’s the Difference? - 09/21/08 07:05 AM
There is of course a huge difference between the traditional sale of a home compared to the sale of a home that has gone through the foreclosure process and is now owned by a bank / investor. 
EMOTION To sum it up in one word it would have to be emotion.  That’s right the traditional homeowner who wants to sell their home is emotionally attached to it.  They know of the blood, sweat and tears that went into making it the home it is today and they want to be compensated for their efforts. 
The traditional real estate transaction is … (7 comments)

listing: Market Conditions: January 2008 – San Jacinto, CA - 03/30/08 02:00 PM
January is traditionally one of the slower months of the year for selling real estate in San Jacinto CA.  In an effort to document what is taking place in the Hemet San Jacinto Valley, I have started a series of monthly market reports, showing the overall condition of the current market and referencing to the year prior.
It should be noted that the data I have chosen to analyze comes exclusively from the Tempo SoCalMLS system which is the MLS used exclusively by the Hemet San Jacinto Association of REALTORS® (HSJAOR).  Most agents from outside our unique market area belong to … (0 comments)

listing: Market Conditions: February 2008 – Hemet, CA - 03/30/08 01:01 PM
Hemet CA has continued to experience a dramatic downturn in the real estate market.  This report is based on activity reported by the local MLS, Tempo – SoCalMLS, which is  used by the Hemet San Jacinto Association of REALTORS® (HSJAOR).  There is additional data that can be found in the MRMLS which is the MLS system that the boards in our surrounding markets use.
The data analogized in the segment if for the period of February 2008 and how it compares to the activity of February, 2007.  First, it should be reported a 59.38% decrease in the number of closed escrows … (0 comments)

listing: Market Conditions: January 2008 – Hemet, CA - 03/29/08 09:29 AM
Market Conditions: January 2008 – Hemet, CA
The downturn in the local real estate market has been dramatic in Hemet CA.  The good numbers are down and the bad ones are up. In January, 2007 the SoCalMLS reports 57 closed residential sales with an average price of $307,936.  January 2008 saw a report with a sharp decline in both the number of closed real estate transactions as well as the value of the sales.
January 2008 only has 26 residential properties that closed escrow for an average value of $250,073.  The Hemet, CA real estate market suffered a 52% drop in … (3 comments)

listing: REO – Secure the Property - 03/18/08 04:26 AM
When a REO property is assigned to The REO Team, in Hemet CA and The REO Team has determined that the REO property is vacant it must be immediately secured to prevent unauthorized entry and trespassing by either the former occupant or anyone else who may want to occupy the property, for any reason. Step 1:  Rekey All Exterior Doors It is important that all doors are re-keyed.  Depending on the Bank or Asset Manager, we may be instructed to use a certain key code.  If not, it is best to have your own unique code for all of your assigned … (6 comments)

listing: Cash For Keys…How I Have Such a Huge Close Rate - 03/16/08 07:10 AM
Cash For Keys…How I Have Such a Huge Close Rate In a previous article I discussed the theory and mechanics of a typical Cash For Keys program.  In this article I am planning on sharing how I have tweaked my presentation to the point where I have obtained signatures and successful move-outs on 100% my last 5 presentations in Hemet CA REO properties – whereas prior to my adjustment I was only delivering checks to about half of the homes that were occupied when we did our initial occupancy check. STEP 1 – Attitude The first step is to check my … (25 comments)

listing: I Don’t Get It? The Bank Forecloses on Their Home and then Pays Them to Move…or Why Cash For Keys - 03/15/08 06:59 AM
I Don’t Get It?  The Bank Forecloses on Their Home and then Pays Them to Move…or Why Cash For Keys It should be more than obvious, by the time an REO property is assigned to a local Real Estate Agent, that the bank wants’ the property back so they can liquidate the real estate and minimize their losses. Just figure it out…the previous homeowner went at least 3 months without making a mortgage payment prior to the foreclosure process and then another 4 months for the California foreclosure process to weave through the process.  Many times there are even additional months … (12 comments)

listing: OK, I have an REO Listing…Now What; Or What is an Occupancy Check? - 03/14/08 07:05 PM
OK, I have an REO Listing…Now What; Or What is an Occupancy Check? I can remember the thrill I get every time I receive a text message on my cell phone that I have been assigned a new REO listing.  It really is exciting, and yet unlike any other listing you have ever received in your real estate career, up to this point.
First thing going through your head is what kind of property is it?  I mean is it a 900 square foot senior bungalow built 50 years ago in the center of Hemet or is it one of the … (13 comments)

listing: REO - Start With a Simple BPO and the Basic Tools of the Trade - 03/14/08 03:13 PM
REO - Start With a Simple BPO and the Basic Tools of the Trade
This series of articles is based on my personal experience as a Hemet REALTOR® who now specializes in listing and selling REO property for banks and Asset Managers throughout South West Riverside County and The Pass Area of The Inland Empire area in Southern California. I know there are numerous paths to REO success – as in anything in life.  Perhaps my path was the hard way, I don’t know, but it worked for me. What I am talking about today is performing BPO’s for various lenders … (15 comments)

listing: How I Got To List REO's...or No, Not Another Free BPO! - 03/14/08 02:38 AM
My business today is focused on the REO market and working directly with banks and Asset Managers – taking the REO listings and selling them in our area.  What I would like to do here is answer the question of what does it take to break into this business, as I am asked constantly by agents, not only here in Hemet, CA…but Southern California and across the country as well. 
First, I should point out that to be a successful REO Listing agent, do not expect this to be a slam dunk walk-in-the-park listing arrangement.  It is very expensive and very … (58 comments)

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