seller: Back to the Basics: Buyers Checklist - Let's Write an Offer - 09/02/07 01:16 PM
Back to the Basics: Buyers Checklist - Let's Write an Offer   by John Occhi, Hemet CA REALTORMission Grove Realty                                        FOR MORE ARTICLES FROM THE "BACK TO THE BASICS" SERIES, CLICK HERE
"Back to the Basics" is a series of articles that I am publishing as I reassess my own business and review the materials that I used to initially learn this great business we call Real Estate. 
Unfortunately, many of the items I have saved on my computer do not reference their original source, to give credit to, so I do not take full credit for developing the material.  However, in most … (8 comments)

seller: The Real Estate Market and the Real Estate Professional - 09/02/07 08:26 AM
The Real Estate Market and the Real Estate Professional   by John Occhi, Hemet CA REALTOR®   Mission Grove Realty 
With all of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the world or real estate and mortgages in the  past month it is more than apparent that something has got to change.I am of the philosophy that in order for these huge banks, mortgage corporations and Wall Street giants to stay in business they need to continue to do what has worked for them in the past - and that is make loans.
                                                                          Granted, the rules have changed - but so what, … (10 comments)

seller: Analysis of the Hemet REAL ESTATE MARKET Part 2 - SOLDS - 01/26/07 03:52 AM
Analysis of the Hemet REAL ESTATE MARKET Part 2 - SOLDSBy John Occhi, Hemet REALTOR®Hemet CA REAL ESTATE
An in-depth look at the analysis of SOLD properties covering a 2 year period, broken down by month, comparing the numbers to the previous month as well as the same period a year earlier.  This is a close up accurate snapshot of what has really happened in the Hemet Real Estate market - it is not about feel good opinions - it is fact, followed by my personal analysis on a month to month report.
Earlier this week I posted an article where I analyzed … (1 comments)

seller: Whose Business Is It Why a Seller is Selling? - 01/16/07 01:49 PM
Whose Business Is It Why a Seller is Selling?By John Occhi, Hemet CA REALTORHemet CA Real Estate
When a seller lists their home for sale in the MLS they are typically doing so with the assistance of a REALTOR who acts as their legal agent in the transaction.  They are expecting a buyer to materialize, who will also typically be represented by a Realtor who will be acting on behalf of the buyer as their agent.
The transaction does not happen in a vacuum.
The buyer and his agent will want to do their due diligence on the property which very often determines the … (8 comments)

seller: How Do You Deal With a Request for a Rate Reduction? - 01/12/07 08:17 PM
How Do You Deal With a Request for a Rate Reduction?by John Occhi, Hemet CA REALTOR®Hemet CA Real EstateOnce you have a listing and it has been on the market for a short time, yet there really hasn't been very much activity, you will probably approach your client to discuss a reduction in the asking price.
SIDEBAR:  My rule, which I discuss at the listing presentation, is that we will DISCUSS a price reduction after either 12 showings or 21 days, whichever occurs first.
So now you bring up the idea of reducing the price and the first thing the seller fires off … (4 comments)

seller: Another One of My Rants: Why a Local Realtor® - 01/12/07 04:35 AM
Another One of My Rants: Why a Local Realtor® By John Occhi, Hemet REALTOR® Hemet CA Real Estate
As a Hemet California Realtor I work with both buyers and sellers when it comes to buying and selling of a home in the Hemet Real Estate market.
I choose to not go outside of my market area of the "Hemet San Jacinto Valley", which covers the cities of both Hemet and San Jacinto as well as a large area of unincorporated Riverside County land known as both East Hemet and Valle Vista.
Now, I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box … (2 comments)

seller: Variable Rate Commission - Is it a Good Thing? - 01/02/07 03:35 AM
Variable Rate Commission - Is it a Good Thing?by John Occhi, Hemet REALTOR
Often times a listing prospective client will ask the agent in front of them, "If you sell the home yourself, will you take less of a commission?"
On the surface, that is a very legitimate question and one that you would think that the agent would jump on, to get the listing.  But, let me tell you, that this is a question you should never ask, nor do you want your agent put in that position.
Why, you ask?  Because, you (the home seller) are doing yourself a disservice.
Let me explain.  … (6 comments)

seller: How to Get What You Deserve... - 01/01/07 05:54 AM
How to Get What You Deserve... by Getting
Top Dollar of Your House in any Market!by John Occhi, Hemet REALTOR  
This is another one of the FREE reports that I provide to my clients.  Often, this will be included in my pre-listing package, before I ever meet a potential client.   
Often times a seller wants to squeeze every dollar that their home is worth, and that's a good thing as long as they don't want to go into the realm of make-believe values.  This ability to reap the additional hidden profits are yours...if you make the right improvements.
The difference between homes are usually measured … (0 comments)

seller: How to Sell Your Hemet Home at the Highest Possible Price - 12/31/06 08:31 AM
How to Sell Your Hemet Home at the Highest Possible Price
This is one of the "Free" Reports that I have written that I provide to my seller clients.  Often this  report will end up in a Pre-Listing Package, before I meet with a potential seller.
When it comes to selling your home you have to be careful not to make any mistakes.  A simple mistake in the process can cost you thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. In lost profit.
Believe it or not, but many homeowners … (1 comments)

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