video: IRS Video - Tax Credit for Going Green - 01/10/10 05:22 PM
2010 may very well end up being the year of the Tax Credit.  It would be hard to find someone in the industry that doesn't know about the $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers or the $6,500 for repeat home-buyers...but did you know there is a $1,500 IRS Tax Credit for going green?
That's right - homeowners who install insulation, energy efficient windows, doors, skylights and even heating and cooling systems all qualify for the tax credit as do alternative energy sources such as a windmill or solar panels.Here is the short video the IRS published on YouTube to … (2 comments)

video: We Were Promised Change. . . What Say You America? - 01/10/10 05:20 PM
Anyone who knows me or reads my material know that I am not afraid of taboo subjects as I will often write about both politics and religion and do so from a fairly conservative position.  I am still proud that I voted for Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, and both Bushes.To say that I was upset when our entire federal political system was handed over to the Democrats to advance a very liberal and socialist agenda is an understatement.  However, I full believe in the American System and regardless of how I personally feel, I still support my President and … (6 comments)

video: RESPA FAQ...Did You Know that . . . ? - 01/09/10 01:23 AM
RESPA FAQ VIDEO On December 17, 2009 AllRegs conducted a 90-minute webinars on the hot topic of the changes that have since taken place, on January 1st, 2010, regarding RESPA rules and addresses many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ). AllRegs has published a series of videos that I found on YouTube, that I have found to be useful, to help clarify some of the issues that have been raised regarding the changes in RESPA and the new Good Faith Estimate (GFE) and HUD-1 forms. The call and video assumes that the listener has a basic understanding of what RESPA is … (4 comments)

video: RESPA TRAINING VIDEO - 01/07/10 10:12 AM
On December 14, 2009 AllRegs conducted a 2-Hour webinar on the hot topic of the changes that have since taken place regarding RESPA, concentrating on how to implement the new GFE and HUD-1 Settlement Statements. The course covers the new disclosure scheme including tolerance, treatment of yield spread premiums and third party credits for closing costs. AllRegs has published a series of videos that I found on YouTube, that I have found to be useful to help clarify some of the issues that have been raised. The call assumes that the listener has a basic understanding of what RESPA is all … (14 comments)

video: Replay of NAMB FHA Webinar - Explaining RESPA/ GFE Reform - 01/02/10 06:39 AM
In my quest to invite ActiveRain bloggers who have written articles on the topic of RESPA, some really posts that I have reviewed really stand out.Here is an hour long video webinar hosted by NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Brokers) talking about this very topic.Now if you don't want to watch the whole hour, there is a table of contents with Video Minute Markets to help you find a place that is of interest.Do yourself a favor and bookmark this valuable resource.John

For those of you unable to attend or listen, attached is the 12/1/2009 video webinar hosted by … (1 comments)

video: Merry Christmas to All - 12/25/09 04:47 AM
I just want to take a moment and wsih everyone a very Merry Christmas, A special treat is in this shor video - I have posted the original, earlier in the month - but check out this version of "It's Called Christmas with a Capital 'C' " and tell me these guys are not having FUN! … (24 comments)

OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL SUES THE BANK!  Wow, I couldn't believe this when I got my latest copy of "Mortgage Fraud Blog" newsletter published by attorney Rachel Dollar.  If you are not familiar, you should check out the link - Ms. Dollar does a fantastic job of repeating on real estate fraud - specifically mortgage fraud from across the country.  She covers the big headline cases and the individual agent or loan officer that thought he or she was slicker than the system. Many of her articles are breaking news as they happen and others are recaps of what has happened - to … (6 comments)

video: Price Reduction - Bank Owned Sr. Condo - 12/21/09 08:26 AM
618 W. Villa Chapparral Rd, San Jacinto CA, 92583
Nice place for sale - check out this bank owned (REO) home for sale...this real estate must be occupied by at least one person who is 55+ or older... So, there is a door from the garage that opens right next to the front door making it near direct access to the interior of the home. The Unit sits on the corner, so you only have a neighbor on one side. If you want to further your education (or maybe get at job at the place) you are only 1 block from Mt. San … (3 comments)

video: Found An Upbeat Motivational Music Video - "Holla" - 12/20/09 12:48 AM
I was up early this morning doing some investigative Internet surfing about Short Sale resources available - maybe trying to pick up a tid bit here or there. I came across a "Guru" site that will remain nameless, because I really don't know much about him - but he does have a nice website. I subscribed to his 5 Day Mini Course, again to see what information I can gather and use for my own business. In day 1 he talks about mental attitude, success, failure and the like. At the end, he challenges the readers to find this next song … (3 comments)

video: Pre-Listing Video - 2521 Linden, Hemet, CA 92545 - 12/18/09 03:09 AM
Cash For Keys Home has been Surrendered at bank owned home (REO) located at 2521 Linden, Hemet, CA 92545 Why is it important that this was a cash for keys home, you ask? Good Question. You see when the homeowner stays in the property to the very end and the bank pays them to move, assuming the home is left in 'broom clean' condition with all of the appliances and fixtures it typically has a better chance of being in better care than when homeowners move out and abuse the homes before they leave...often stripping appliances, fixtures and even outlet covers … (4 comments)

video: Haunted Mansion - New Orleans Style... - 12/14/09 04:50 AM
Nicholas Cage has been one of my favorite actors since I first saw him try and act in "Raising Arizona" way back when. I saw him over the weekend in the Cage classic, "ConAir". Not sure what it is I like about the guy, but in my book, he is the CHARLES BRONSON of the 21st century...he will always get his man (if he is a good guy) or he will be the last person you ever want to meet when he plays the bad guy! Not sure how many movies he has made now, and I'm sure I've missed a … (3 comments)

video: How is “The Music Man” Like Real Estate Sales? - 12/14/09 03:57 AM
In 1962 Professor Harold Hill, played by Robert Preston. came to River City and movie screens across America with the single goal of winning hearts and getting paid. Apparantly I missed the remake in 2003, starring Matthew Broderick. Sounds like he could have been a REALTOR® - he was after all selling dreams, In The Music Man, Professor Harold Hill is nothing more than a con man – who really knows nothing about music. At least REALTORS® are suppose to know their market – at least the local ones. Maybe this is one reason why the public perception of hard working … (8 comments)

video: A Breath of Fresh Air and a Snow Covered Mountain - Mt. San Jacinto - 12/13/09 05:58 PM
HEMET - SAN JACINTO VALLEY, CA:  After days of intense rain, this afternoon, December 13th, 2009 turned into a beautiful late fall day in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA.  The day started off overcast with the local mountains being completely enclosed in a gray bank of fog as the clouds hung low over our heads. As the day progressed, the sun struggled and finally broke through.  Once the sunshine had a foothold on the valley it would not give in...slowly but surely it just burned off the dark gray clouds, revealing the most beautiful blue sky and a gorgeous panoramic view … (3 comments)

video: You Can Shear a Sheep Many Times...But You Can Only Lead Them to Slaughter Once! - 12/12/09 12:30 PM
I was reminiscing about a mentor of mine. After spending 10 years in the Army I ended up in the Collection Agency industry for the next dozen years, starting in 1981. I had the most stereo-typical old Jewish man you would ever want to meet, as a boss, a mentor and a partner. When I first met him he was pushing 80 and worked every day because he enjoyed it. Seymour had migrated to California in the late '50s from he had that edge going for him as well. He would have been great in the movies...or better yet doing … (6 comments)

video: I found a New Resource and a Great Video On Google Maps - 12/11/09 06:00 PM
I was reading though some blogs, trying to keep up - my late night ritual before I head off to bed.  I found a post talking about the problems that Google is having with its new 'real time' search of Tweets.  Unfortunately, the post was marked Members Only and could not be re-blogged.I noticed the source of the Video was from the "WebProNews" (WPN) - and I had never seen this before.  IT was a great interview - very professional with sample screen shots displayed as appropriate - I was genuinely impressed and disappointed that I have missed this, so far.So, … (16 comments)

video: Did You Know? - 12/07/09 08:03 PM
I just had a friend send me a link to fast paced video with some pretty amazing statistics about knowled, the population and just how fast life in general is moving, now that we are firmly in the 21st centrury. Can you believe, it has been a decade already? Seems like not that long ago we were all 'partying like it was 1999'. So check this out and see if you don't say "WOW" before it's over... … (6 comments)

video: It's Called CHRISTMAS...With a Capital "C" - 12/07/09 01:44 AM
Christmas is the Season and the Reason is the Celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior.Bold statement to make in the Politically Correct Year of 2009...but sorry - tell the hijackers to get to the back of the bus.  This is a CHRISTIAN Holiday that deserves to be celebrated for what it is - the Celebration of the Birth of Jesus Christ.So, there are other holidays that others may celebrate...but in this country, where we tolerate all religions does not mean they get to hijack our holiday because they may be offended.  Tolerate, means just that - TOLERATE!  We … (9 comments)

video: Home Warranty of America: Maintain Your Air Conditioner Video - 12/05/09 01:28 AM
Home Warranty of America (HWA) is the only company for me to use and recommend to my friends, colleagues and clients. Yes, I have the HWA policy for my home and have now used it twice. The service was 'top drawer' (that means the best if you are under the age of 40).
I had a plumbing contractor and a pool contractor in my home in the Hemet - San Jacinto Valley, CA - both showed up when expected. Both were clean and professional and both followed up to make sure my problems were resolved. Again, I'm very impressed with … (6 comments)

video: Just When You Thought Everything Was Perfect... - 12/04/09 03:10 PM
We've all had those moments, haven't we...
Everything just seems to be going right...the deck is stacked in your favor and nothing can go wrong. Everything you touch instantly turns to gold...
Then BAM next thing you know what was once on top is on the bottom and what was on the bottom is on top...
Well, take a look at this video...enjoy the moment and laugh...because it is funny...but then remember that life has a was of turning the tide...turning on a dime!


video: VIDEO: It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in San Jacinto, CA - 12/01/09 05:52 PM

Theis evening i trolled through a few of the housing tracts between my San Jacinto Office and My San Janjacinto CA home and took a few photos with my point-n-shoot digital camera. A wide Angel Fugifilm camera that does a great job for my BPO's but may not be ideally suited for taking night pictures of houses illuminated with Christmas lights...but take them I did.
I put them together in the Professional version of Animoto - what I consider to be a hot video program - syncing the special effects with the any event I like it and … (7 comments)

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