will: WHAT IS AN “ESTATE SALE”? - 08/22/12 05:36 AM
As a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES) specializing in the sale of Probate Real Estate, it is not uncommon to witness the survivors of a loved one make decisions that they would not normally consider under other circumstances.  I know… I’ve done it myself, and still want to kick myself when I think about how foolish I was. (Actually, I have other words to describe myself in the months that followed the passing of my wife that come to mind, but I’ll remain professional here.)  More often than not, the closer we were to the … (5 comments)

will: Is the Sale of Probate Real Estate different from Traditional Sales? - 07/19/12 02:17 AM
Is the Sale of Probate Real Estate different from Traditional Sales?
The short answer is absolutely YES!  The next question then is "How is the Sale of Probate Real Estate different from the sale of Traditional Real Estate?"
In California, unless there is a trust in place, when someone dies that owns real property the estate is subject to certain legal requirements and regulations that we know as Probate.
Of course, I am not an attorney nor am I providing you with legal advice - for that consult with your own attorney for details regarding your specific circumstances, or do you own due diligence and … (3 comments)

will: Who’s Who in a Probate? - 06/06/12 11:01 PM
Who’s Who in a Probate? Personal Disclaimer I should start this series of article with a disclaimer – I am not the person you want to come to for legal advice when it comes to Probate or any other matter that has legal consequences. I am a REALTOR who has been certified by the U.S. Probate Services Organization as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist (CPRES), and focus an important part of my business with Probate Real Estate. I just have a working knowledge of Probate. In addition to my years of professional real estate training and practice, I have gone … (0 comments)

will: Temecula Real Estate: What is Probate? - 06/05/12 11:13 PM
Temecula Real Estate:  What is Probate?
When searching the MLS for Temecula Real Estate, the searcher will occasionally find Probate Listings and often become confused as to what this status actually means.  Many times, the home shopper will ask their REALTOR about the Probate process, only to have the question dodged and a discouraging reply, such as, “It’s a long, complicated and unpredictable process with an uncertain outcome that must be approved by the court.”  Sadly, the home is then overlooked and more traditional listings are then pursued.
Probate, by its very definition is a legal process that oversees the settlement … (2 comments)

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