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The primary reason lakefront buyers come to the Mr Lakefront website, , is to look at lakefront real estate. That's as it should be. The Lakefront Locator is designed to allow waterfront home buyers to narrow down your search to those properties that fit your criteria or meet ...
One of the primary responsibilities of a lakefront property owner is to be familiar with and properly maintain their septic system. Also, those planning to buy an existing home or build a new home need to familiarize themselves with the basics of a basic septic sewage disposal system. Today I wou...
One of the components of most general home inspections in Maine is to test for the presence of radon, a colorless, odorless gas that is a known carcinogen. Radon gas seeps out of fissures in granite bedrock and can find its way into the basements and living areas of Maine homes. Because we have a...
Just when you think it can't get much tougher for lakefront property sellers, or better for lakefront property buyers, it does just that. For the last few years lakefront sellers have had to put up with weak demand and too much competition because of the large amount of inventory on the market. N...
The first snow fell atop Mount Washington on October 3rd. The leaves are reaching peak color. The Fryeburg Fair is over. The frost is on the pumpkin. The election is four weeks from today. Do you get my drift here? Summer is long gone and fall is much in evidence. While many current lakefront pro...
We have just received notice of the release of the latest newsletter from the Lakes Environmental Association. This four-pager is dedicated to giving us all an end-of-the-season milfoil update. Here is what you'll find: Counterattack at Salmon Lake: The news that Eurasian milfoil had gained a foo...
Late summer and early fall brings with it the many agricultural fairs all over Maine. Here in the southern part of the state it starts in mid-summer with the North Waterford World's Fair, which is followed in September with the Cumberland Fair, the Common Ground Fair, and the Oxford County Fair. ...


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