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Now that the leaves are off the trees and we've seen a few snowflakes dance in the air, lakefront property owners are probably thinking more about the upcoming holidays than they are their place on the lake. But the offseason is a great time for reflection and planning, and getting educated about...
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection estimates that between 40% and 70% of rain and snow melt that falls on a Maine residential property runs off and finds its way to streams, rivers, and lakes. Because of their proximity to the water, lakefront property owners play an especially impo...
Last Tuesday the voters of Maine rejected a proposal to allow the building of a resort-casino in Oxford County, probably somewhere along Route 26 in Oxford. The measure lost by a 55% to 45% differential. Proponents of the proposal feel strongly that Mainers have  missed out on an opportunity to b...
Lakefront prices are down right now but could they be higher in the Spring? No one has a crystal ball but if we look at history, some lakefront properties will cost more in the Spring. Recently, in response to a blog posting, Brad Johnson, a reader, asked whether a presently listed property could...
Here's another installment on some basics about septic systems. How do I get a septic system designed and constructed? There are four steps to designing and building a septic system: 1. The system must be designed by a professional known as a Licensed Site Evaluator. Site Evaluators are private c...
There's an election next Tuesday and among the ballot items we get to vote on here in Maine is the following question: "Do you want to allow a certain Maine company to have the only casino in Maine, to be located in Oxford County, if part of the revenue is used to fund specific state programs?" T...


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