maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Property - Thompson Lake Property - 01/20/09 09:04 AM
Thompson Lake has some of the highest water quality around, has a deep, cold water fishery, one marina (for sale, see below), and a great location - just thirty minutes from the Gray turnpike exit.
Thompson Lake is big and brawny, but also has an "old-timey" feel about it. Boat traffic is not as high as it is on Long Lake or Sebago Lake and there are fewer amenities available around the lake, but we find that once lakefront buyers discover Thompson Lake, they don't want to be anywhere else.
Here are the 11 current listings, all hotlinked to more information:

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - New Ways to Help Your Search - 01/19/09 03:23 AM
Over the last couple of years we have been refining the search capabilities on our website to make it easier for potential buyers of Maine lakefront property to find what they're looking for - even if they're not sure exactly what it is they're looking for.
With our Lakefront Locator you can search all of the currently listed lakefront and lake access properties in Maine. You can search by region, by price, by lake, and by town. We have further tweeked our capabilities by allowing you to list properties from the lowest to highest in price, or from the highest to … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property on Long Lake - An Embarrassment of Riches - 01/10/09 05:04 AM
While this general geographic area where we live and work is called the Sebago Lake Region (and rightly so), anyone familiar with this area knows there are several somewhat smaller lakes that are equally beautiful and desireable. The short list would include Kezar Lake, Long Lake, and Thompson Lake. I grew up in Harrison and live there now and so have a special affinity for Long Lake.
Long Lake is 11 miles long, a mile or so wide, deep and clean -  a band of shimmering silver and blue stretching north to south from Harrison to Naples. It's many attributes have … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Dropping Rates, Rising Opportunities - 01/09/09 05:11 AM
Falling mortgage rates provide a reason for hope in a pokey, off-season Maine lakefront property market. As activity levels decline, so will prices, while strong inventories continue to offer lots to look at. Given the low mortgage rates, this combination of factors sets up a good opportunity for prospective buyers of Maine lakefront property.
The latest headline on mortgage rates said they were the lowest in 30 years. I called around to several banks in the area and asked them about their APR on a 30 year fixed rate loan. Kennebunk Savings - 5.16%, Key Bank - 5.65%, TD Banknorth - … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Beware Pitfalls of Personal Property - 01/08/09 12:07 AM
Most lakefront homes in Maine are sold to folks "from away". These types of buyers have their primary home back in the suburbs of major cities like Boston, Hartford, and New York. When purchasing one's primary home in the suburbs it's rare that the home one is purchasing will come furnished.

It's different when it comes to buying a second home here in the lakes regions of Maine. Most seasonal lakefront homes, when conveyed, come furnished or partially furnished. How come? When folks with second homes on the lake decide to sell the question arises: "What do we do with … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Property - Year Round or Seasonal? - 12/27/08 09:44 AM
When it comes to buying lakefront property answering fundamental questions will greatly affect affordability. For instance: Are you looking for a summer place or a year round vacation home?

Nine out of ten people when posed this question will answer " year round vacation home".
However, consider the ramifications. A year round lakefront home will cost one 20% more than a similar seasonal "summer place" No big deal? Well, it's the difference between paying $400k for a seasonal or $480k for year round. If you're only going to be using the place May through September a seasonal place might be … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: HGTV's "House Hunters" Episode Features Mr. Lakefront Team - 12/19/08 06:43 AM
HGTV program "House Hunters" will air an episode on January 1 at 8 p.m. that features local real estate buyer's broker Diane Monaco of the Mr. Lakefront Keller Williams team in Casco.
A producer for "House Hunters" had contacted Mr. Lakefront real estate earlier in the year after visiting their website and blog. They wanted to feature a Maine lakefront vacation home in one of their program segments. Mr. Lakefront buyer's broker, Diane Monaco, had been working with several possible candidates and was able to find a couple who were willing to participate in the project.
"House Hunters" takes their viewers … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Whistling Through the Graveyard? - 12/13/08 11:22 AM
Everywhere we turn, it seems, the media dishes out the doom and gloom. The predominant feeling in most any market right now is fear.
But there is some good news out there if you care to hear it. How about this? The rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage is at a 4 1/2 year low. That's right - a 4 1/2 year low!
I got the news from my email where I get dispatches from financial gurus and news organizations who ply their trade online. Here's what Leeb's Market Forecaster had to say this week:
12/8/08 -"Strange as it … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Making the Best of a Tough Market - 12/08/08 11:59 AM
If your a potential buyer of lakefront property or an owner who may be comtemplating a possible sale, it's tough to know quite what to do in this market.
If you bought in the last five years or so and are needing to sell, for whatever reason, you may well be looking at a loss - and that scenario may hold for another year or two, nobody really knows.
If you're a potential buyer, then you are wondering where the bottom is so you can get in at the optimum time. Again, nobody knows when that will be - or maybe even if that time … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Opportunity Will Knock - 12/04/08 11:28 AM
If you are among those who think we're in the middle of a deflationary cycle with regards to lakefront real estate, you're not alone.
It would seem that buyers continue to sit on the sidelines thinking prices will continue to go down. So far, so good, but playing the waiting game is fraught with peril because no one, and I mean no one, can call the bottom of any market - real estate, stock, bond, currency, gold, commodities, or fine art, furniture and antiques.
What we can do, though, is look at trends and draw inferences from history. Look at this … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Getting Rid of Undesirables - 11/18/08 10:35 AM
Now that the leaves are off the trees and we've seen a few snowflakes dance in the air, lakefront property owners are probably thinking more about the upcoming holidays than they are their place on the lake. But the offseason is a great time for reflection and planning, and getting educated about the natural world around us is a responsibility we all share.
If you have even a passing interest in Maine lakes and ponds, by now you have probably heard about invasive aqauatic plants that are not native to Maine. Maine has over 6000 lakes and ponds and keeping an … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Water Runoff Awareness - 11/14/08 01:25 AM
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection estimates that between 40% and 70% of rain and snow melt that falls on a Maine residential property runs off and finds its way to streams, rivers, and lakes. Because of their proximity to the water, lakefront property owners play an especially important role in controling runoff.
Make sure that water runs off your driveway and walkways into vegetated areas. If you have gutters and a downspout, direct the water into vegetated areas or into a rain barrel.
Soil erosion is the primary pollutant that is carried into waterways via runoff. Soil contains phosphorus which … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - No Go On Casino - 11/10/08 07:42 AM
Last Tuesday the voters of Maine rejected a proposal to allow the building of a resort-casino in Oxford County, probably somewhere along Route 26 in Oxford. The measure lost by a 55% to 45% differential.
Proponents of the proposal feel strongly that Mainers have  missed out on an opportunity to bring good paying jobs to the state while opponents hope this rejection will dampen further attempts by the gaming industry to site a casino in Maine. Similar proposals to bring a casino to Maine have been voted down in recent years.
This latest vote is just further evidence that most Mainers don't really … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Higher Prices in the Spring? - 11/10/08 07:40 AM
Lakefront prices are down right now but could they be higher in the Spring? No one has a crystal ball but if we look at history, some lakefront properties will cost more in the Spring.
Recently, in response to a blog posting, Brad Johnson, a reader, asked whether a presently listed property could command a higher price in the Spring. The reader had recently been told by a seller's agent that the asking price on a particular listed property will be $50,000 higher in the Spring. My blog reader wanted Mr Lakefront's opinion. Was the seller's agent full of blarney, simply … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Septic System Design and Construction - 11/04/08 08:46 AM
Here's another installment on some basics about septic systems.
How do I get a septic system designed and constructed?
There are four steps to designing and building a septic system:
1. The system must be designed by a professional known as a Licensed Site Evaluator. Site Evaluators are private consultants licensed by the State of Maine who charge a fee for their service. A list of site evaluators who practice locally is available from the Local Plumbing Inspector of the town where the property is located. A statewide list of evaluators is also found here. The site evaluator will provide a … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Betting on a Casino? - 11/01/08 01:18 AM
There's an election next Tuesday and among the ballot items we get to vote on here in Maine is the following question:
"Do you want to allow a certain Maine company to have the only casino in Maine, to be located in Oxford County, if part of the revenue is used to fund specific state programs?"
The plan is to locate a $184 million hotel, casino, spa, and conference center somewhere on Rte. 26 in Oxford. The promoters of this idea have estimated that once this place is built it will provide 907 jobs to the local economy at an average … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Are You Mapping Your Search Results? - 10/28/08 09:54 AM
The primary reason lakefront buyers come to the Mr Lakefront website, , is to look at lakefront real estate. That's as it should be.
The Lakefront Locator is designed to allow waterfront home buyers to narrow down your search to those properties that fit your criteria or meet your needs. There's lots of choices. What Lake Region? What type of property? What price range? What town(s)? What lake(s)? Once you've figured that out, then one can select how the results are displayed. From oldest on the market to newest or newest to oldest. Highest priced to lowest prices or lowest to highest priced.
There … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Do You Have Radon? - 10/22/08 12:20 AM
One of the components of most general home inspections in Maine is to test for the presence of radon, a colorless, odorless gas that is a known carcinogen.
Radon gas seeps out of fissures in granite bedrock and can find its way into the basements and living areas of Maine homes. Because we have a lot of granite bedrock in Maine we often find varying levels of radon gas. If too much gas is found then the installation of a mitigation system is usually recommended that reduces the amount of the gas to an acceptable level.
Here is what the Department … (0 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - Will It "Appraise Out?" - 10/14/08 05:02 AM
Just when you think it can't get much tougher for lakefront property sellers, or better for lakefront property buyers, it does just that. For the last few years lakefront sellers have had to put up with weak demand and too much competition because of the large amount of inventory on the market. Now sellers face a new challenge.
You might know that the purchase of most lakefront property in the last few years has been with financing. Interest rates were so low even some buyers with the cash would elect to finance.
During the boom times from 1998 through 2005 mortgage … (1 comments)

maine waterfront property: Maine Waterfront Property - Bargain Hunters' Bonanza! - 10/07/08 03:46 AM
The first snow fell atop Mount Washington on October 3rd. The leaves are reaching peak color. The Fryeburg Fair is over. The frost is on the pumpkin. The election is four weeks from today.
Do you get my drift here?
Summer is long gone and fall is much in evidence. While many current lakefront property owners are doing their planning to get their boats out, pull the docks in, and close up the camp, many lakefront owner "wannabees" are finding a jackpot of lakefront properties that have been reduced in price.
These price reductions are running concurrent with the calendar, as … (1 comments)


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