milfoil: Maine Lakefront Real Estate - The Milfoil Battle Continues - 10/02/08 11:43 PM
We have just received notice of the release of the latest newsletter from the Lakes Environmental Association. This four-pager is dedicated to giving us all an end-of-the-season milfoil update. Here is what you'll find:
Counterattack at Salmon Lake: The news that Eurasian milfoil had gained a foothold in Salmon Lake (Belgrade Lakes area) was certainly discouraging, but the real issue now is the response. And on that subject there is some cautious optimism.
Don't be afraid to hope: As the battle begins in Salmon Lake and continues against in other waters, it's important to know there's hope.
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milfoil: Milfoil Summit and Nematodes (?) Bring Hope to Maine Waterfront Property Owners - 03/19/08 12:22 PM
There's a battle being waged along many shorelines of two dozen or more lakes and ponds in southern Maine. The foe is a persistent, virulent aquatic plant known by most as milfoil.
Milfoil is a plant that grows under water, in shallower areas where it can get sufficient sunlight to grow and prosper. It clogs shoreline areas with its leafy growth, making those areas unusable for swimming and boating. It also robs the lake's ecosystem of necessary oxygen which affects all the other living things in the water. Milfoil is bad news.
The 9th annual Milfoil Summit was just concluded in Lewiston and news from that summit offers … (0 comments)


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