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Wanted to extend to the Real Estate Community best wishes for the upcoming 2019 year.After 40 plus years, in the Real Estate Brokerage Business, I returned to College and have carved out a new company Real Estate Mediation Services.One of the values that I offer differently from my colleagues who...
California Landlord wants an additional one year lease, tenant does not. Lease is due to expire. Both landlord and tenant get into a physical fight. Tenant ends up in hospital. $6,000 in medical bills. DA is investgating. Message, walk away in a heated dispute, refresh, regroup. Jim W Hildreth Me...
    Real Estate Disputes come in all shapes and sizes. The seller disclosed the basement leaked a half a inch and the realty is the basement fills to 4 feet in the winter. The homeowner did not disclose that the septic system is on the neighbors property. The landlord and tenant are fighting over...
The following 2011 law may be of value to California agents.   Landlord-Tenant AB 1800 (eff. Jan. 1, 2011)Unlawful renting of residential dwelling   Existing law makes it a misdemeanor for a person to claim ownership or take possession of someone else's residential property for the purpose of ren...
The following case covers the Topic of Civil Fraud Judgement not sufficient to Suspend CA Brokers License. (2011) 194 Cal.App.4th 1494 An employee of appellant The Grubb Company, Inc. (Grubb), a licensed real estate brokerage firm, represented both parties in negotiations for the sale of a reside...
Real Esate Mediation Services offers Alternative Dispute Resolution in the area of real estate disputes. With 2 offices, Oakland & Sonora, CA, we offer Mediation to those in conflict. We are neutral and do not take sides or positions, but understand the complexeties of real estate. Buyer Seller d...
I will be attending as a Real Estate Mediator. New Developments in Landlord-Tenant Law Jim W Hildreth #MediatorLocation: Alameda County Bar Association, Suite 200, 70 Washington Street, Oakland.Description: Landlord-tenant law is constantly changing. This program will discuss new cases and statut...
As a Mediator, who's focus is real estate disputes, we often see mediation's involving Deposit Disputes.   This dispute involves over $50,000 sitting in escrow for the past 1.5 years, zero interest is being collected.   I look forward in meeting the buyer & seller, and act in the capacity of acti...
I just love when buyers call the listing agent and the first thing they say is "I have a agent, or I cant find my agent, will you show me the property"   I also say in a polite manner if you have a agent "work with them", they always seem frustrated with my response.   Stick with your agent or fi...
As a Mediator, who offers Alternatve Dispute Resolution, or mediation, I'm preparing a upcoming mediation that involves a lender going after the borrower for loan fraud. The law suit has been filed and I was chosen by the California Superior Court to act as a mediator. The attorney representing t...

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