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One of the most misunderstood concepts of purchasing a home is the contingency for a home inspection. Homes don't pass or fail inspection. Instead, inspectors simply document the conditions found at a home and then a buyer must decide if they can tolerate the findings of the inspection.In most ca...
A recent client of mine was struggling with coming up with all the funds necessary to purchase his first home. He had a steady job, good credit but was short of money. To help him out, I put together a list of organizations that provide support to first time home buyers in Rochester and surround...
"Location, Location, Location," is what it is all about when you are thinking about investing in real estate. Investors and want-to-be investors are often asking me what's the current "hot spot" for investing. Usually, once it is a "hot spot" property values have started going up and there are no...
Lots of people are talking about foreclosures these days. There are those with variable interest rates on their mortgage that are worried about loosing their home to foreclosure and there are those who hope to buy foreclosures at a bargain price. I have a few pointers for those considering buying...
A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of showing a house when the phone rang. I continued to show the house, pointing out the deep closets and hardwoods in good condition, when the answering machine turned on."This is Joe. Leave a message," we all heard."This is a collect call from an inmate ...
I recently submitted an offer on behalf of a client for a vacation home on the Finger Lakes. In response, the seller countered our offer with a request for a letter from the bank that proved they didn't have to sell their existing home to qualify for the mortgage."I am so offended!" exclaimed my ...
Shhhhhh! Don't tell my husband, but I'm admitting to the whole world that I don't know it all. And for this reason, I'm expanding my blog to be a team blog. The law firm of Kruk and Campbell of Lima, NY have agreed to join my blog and share their wisdom about the legal aspects of real estate. Kee...

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