loan info: Housing Grants in Senatobia MS-Southaven MS-Horn Lake MS-and Desoto County MS - 06/19/10 03:32 PM
Housing Grants in Senatobia MS-Southaven MS-Horn Lake MS-and Desoto County MS
Mississippi Development Authority has announced that there are 32 housing grants available for homebuyers purchasing a home in the city limits of Senatobia MS, Southaven MS, Horn Lake MS or Desoto County MS.
These grants are in the maximum amount of $28,750 each and can be used in combination with FHA loans, VA loans, USDA loans or conventional loans.  The housing grant funds can be used for downpayment, closing costs and for principal reduction of the mortgage loan.
Here are a few of the basic … (0 comments)

loan info: Mississippi Down Payment Assistance for Foreclosures - 09/04/09 04:11 AM
Mississippi Down Payment Assistance for Foreclosuresby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
Mississippi Home Corporation (the same non-profit that handles the MS bond money program) has rolled out a program to assist homebuyers in purchasing a foreclosure.
This program is called Home Buyer Advantage. 
Elgible homebuyers must plan to use the property as their primary residence and must complete an 8-hour homebuyer education class.  The household income cannot exceed 120% AMI (Area Median Income). 
Here is how the income limits break down for Northwest MS counties:
                         1-person          2-person          3-person          4-person          5-personDesoto:              $48,550           $55,500           $62,400           $69,350           $74,900Marshall:           $38,900           $44,450           $50,000            $55,550          $60,000Panola:              $35,200           $40,200           $45,250            $50,300          … (0 comments)

loan info: First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 6 - 09/02/09 05:58 AM
First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 6by Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine

Part 6:  Signing...Signing...more Signing (we must be at the closing table).
 This is the last article in the First Time Homebuyer Guide Series.  To bring you up to speed, we covered:
Part 1  Finding the Agent
Part 2  Finding the Lender
Part 3  Finding the House
Part 4  Making the Offer
Part 5  Inspections
Yipee!  We found the Realtor, lender, and home.  We had it inspected, the loan has been processed and we are at the closing table. 
The process of "closing" is handled very differently in different parts … (0 comments)

loan info: First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 4 - 08/26/09 12:16 AM
First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 4by Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine

Part 4:  I've found THE home - now what?  (Making an offer) is what we have covered so far:
Part 1 - Finding a Buyer's AgentPart 2 - Finding the Right LenderPart 3 - Finding the Home
Maybe you looked at several homes or you knew the first one you toured was the home for you.  What's next?  Well, its what we call "the offer".  It should be IN WRITING on a form where you and your agent will fill in the blanks.  Generally, there are several forms to … (0 comments)

loan info: First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 3 - 08/20/09 04:18 AM
First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 3by Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine

PART 3:  Looking....Looking...Looking (Finding The Home)
So, in Part 1 you found a Buyer's Agent.  In Part 2, you found your lender.  You have your pre-approval from the lender and you know what price range to target.  You are ready to find your first home.
Lately, I have seen a recurring problem with some first-time homebuyers.  I call it  HGTVitis.   That is the unrealistic expectation that their first home is going to be their "Dream Home" - like something you would see on HGTV.  Don't let this happen to you.  Here is a … (0 comments)

loan info: First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 2 - 08/18/09 02:40 AM
First Time Homebuyer Guide - Part 2by Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine

Part 2:  How will we pay for it? (Finding the right lender and loan program for you)
How do you know what price home to be look for?  Think you can't buy a home because you don't have a pile of money saved for a downpayment?  Should you use that huge national on-line mortgage lender who advertises a low interest rate?
Selecting the right lender is one of the key pieces to the puzzle.  If you have the wrong piece, the rest of the puzzle doesn't seem to fit … (4 comments)

loan info: Mississippi Veterans Home Purchase Board - 08/13/09 05:09 AM
Mississippi Veterans Home Purchase Boardby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
The Veterans Home Purchase Board in the state of Mississippi has been helping Mississippi veterans obtain low-interest loans to purchase homes since 1946.
This program is available for:
Active Duty Military Reserve and National Guard who currently serve and have more than 6 years of service Reserve and National Guard who have been activated for extended active duty under Title 10 unmarried surviving spouses of eligilble veterans who died as a result of service You must be a resident of the state of Mississippi for 2 consecutive years before applying for this … (2 comments)

loan info: USDA Direct Loans - 05/17/09 02:47 PM
USDA Direct Loansby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
Much has been written about the USDA Guaranteed Loan that is funded through cooperating lenders.  See USDA Basics, or cruise on over to Jeff Belonger's blog or to Doug Capps for some great information on the USDA Guaranteed Loan.
But, there is another USDA loan that is funded directly by the government for low-and very-low income households.  This is a 100% (no down payment) loan to purchase an existing dwelling or to purchase a site and build a new dwelling.
The monthly payments are based on the borrower's household adjusted income.  The income guidelines are based … (2 comments)

loan info: USDA Loans - The Rural Housing Loan - The Basics - 04/22/09 01:40 PM
This article authored by Jeff Belonger gives a great summary explanation of the USDA Rural Housing Loan. 
This loan is available in ALL parts of Tate County MS and in certain areas of Desoto County MS.  Walls, Hernando, a portion of Horn Lake, and the southeast section of Olive Branch has elgible properties for this loan.  The only city in Desoto County MS that is not eligible is Southaven MS.
The maximum income limits for the USDA Rural Development loan have just been revised.  The maximum income in Northwest MS for a family of 1-4 is $70,750 and the limit for … (0 comments)

loan info: New Grant Funds Available For Desoto County MS Homebuyers - 04/22/09 01:18 PM
New Grant Funds Available For Desoto County MS Homebuyersby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
Mississippi has grant funds available for homebuyers in Desoto County, MS.  The grants are in the amount of $28,750 and can be used to cover down payment and closing costs.  Any leftover funds will be used for loan balance reduction.  There are only enough funds for 16 loans so don't delay if you think you may qualify.
You do not have to be a first-time homebuyer.  Here are some of the guidelines:
Must be a U.S. citizen Birth Certificates required if dependants last name is not same as parents The … (0 comments)

loan info: FHA Streamlined 203(k) Program - 03/31/09 02:50 AM
This is a great explanation of the FHA 203K Streamline loan (Rehab loan) - concise and easy to read.  It was written by Joan Rusco, a Mortgage Banker in Minnesota.
In addition to the Streamline version, there is also a FHA 203K loan for homes needing more extensive repairs.  If you are using one of these loans to purchase a HUD home (in Northwest MS), your required downpayment is only $100.
I'm not sure if Joan writes loans outside of her state of Minnesota, but I do know a great lender in Northwest MS that is experienced in FHA 203k Loans.

Please … (0 comments)

loan info: 100% Rural Housing Loans for Northwest MS - 10/30/08 06:00 AM
100% Rural Housing Loans for Northwest MSby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
The US Department of Agriculture may not the first placeyou think of when it comes to mortgage loans, but they administer one of the best mortgage loans for a good portion of Northwest MS.  The USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Housing Loan is a loan made available for low -to-moderate income individuals and families throughout many portions of the U.S.
In Desoto and Tate counties of Northwest MS, the maximum income limits are as follows: 

If you pay child care expenses, that can be factored into these numbers so the income limits could actually … (3 comments)

loan info: FOR North MISSISSIPPI - MS Home Corp DPA - Down Payment Assistance - 10/27/08 05:30 AM
Here is some information on a GREAT program that is available for 1st time homebuyers in Mississippi.  It was originally posted by Doug Capps with Fairway Independent Mortgage in Northwest Mississippi.

I have personally had several buyer-clients use this program with the result of being able to get into a home with no funds out of their pocket...............          ............................               .....................              ..............................
FOR BUYERS:  Buying a Foreclosure, Finding a Home, Loan Info, Tax Credit, Interest Rates
FOR SELLERS:  Pricing, Selling Tips   
LOCAL COMMUNITY INFO:  Tate County Community, Memphis Community, Southaven Community
MARKET REPORTS:  Foreclosure Report, Hernando MS Report, Olive Branch MS … (0 comments)

loan info: Mississippi Mortgage Revenue Bond Money Program - 08/25/08 06:35 AM
Mississippi Mortgage Revenue Bond Money Programby Pam Simpson, Broker-Assoc.The Kudzu Vine
Ron Withers wrote an informative blog on the Mortgage Bond Revenue Program (HERE) and asked that I contribute information about Mississippi's program.
Mississippi has a Bond Money program to assist first-time homebuyers in the purchase of a home.  A "first-time" homebuyer is defined a someone who has not owned a home in the past 3 years.  Mississippi Home Corp. does have "target areas" of the state in which the first-time rule is wavied.  These target areas are the less developed counties.  In Northwest Mississippi, the counties of Marshall, Panola, and … (1 comments)

loan info: Buy a HUD home - $100 down payment - 07/24/08 04:59 AM
In Mississippi, you can purchase a HUD home with only a $100 down payment.
First, here is a brief (and very simplified) introduction to HUD homes.  When someone purchases a home using an FHA loan, the loan is insured by FHA (which is a part of HUD).  If that borrower defaults on the FHA loan, HUD becomes the new owner by foreclosure.  HUD does not wish to be a property owner, so they place these homes back on the market for sale.
 In Mississippi, HUD and FHA have a program where you can purchase a HUD home using an FHA mortgage for only … (11 comments)

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