rural life: Poverty in Rural America - The Other Side of Green Acres - 12/15/09 01:23 PM
Poverty in Rural America - The Other Side of Green Acresby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
Back at the beginning of 2009, I wrote a blog post about how much I liked living in the rural countryside (Green Acres is the Place to Be).   I love living where I do, but there is another side of rural life that is often overlooked or just swept under the rug.
Poverty is nothing new to rural Mississippi.  Even though the communites that I serve in Northwest MS (Desoto and Tate counties) have seen an influx of working professionals seeking a place to raise families, we still have large pockets … (5 comments)

rural life: This Is March In Mississippi? - 03/01/09 02:23 AM
This Is March In Mississippi?by Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
The buttercups in my front yard started blooming a couple of weeks ago, around mid-February.  I've been planning my vegetable garden and it was 70 degrees on Friday, Feb. 27.  Here is what it looked like this morning (March 1) on my back porch in Northwest MS.

The temps are expected to be up in the 60s later this week.  It is pretty to look at, but I'm not sure I would want to deal with it for weeks and months on end.  Goodbye Winter...thank you for the beautiful display!____________________________________________________________________________________________________
About the author: Pam … (0 comments)

rural life: GREEN ACRES IS THE PLACE TO BE... - 01/06/09 08:38 AM
Green Acres Is The Place To Beby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
OK, maybe I'm showing my age here by making reference to the TV sitcom Green Acres, but I figure younger people are also familiar with it due to cable reruns. 
Ever dream about waving goodbye to the fast lane of the city and mooooving out to the country?  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Well, here's a few things it may take a while to get used to if you are a new transplant to Hooterville.
Many rural areas across the U.S. are still heavy (or moderate) farming communities.  Don't get bent … (2 comments)

rural life: Tate County Gets Invaded By Hummingbirds - 09/12/08 09:06 AM
This time of year, my front yard becomes a great source of entertainment.  We have been invaded by the hummingbirds. 
When it starts to get warm, there is usually one hummingbird that comes to the kitchen window to let me know it is time to put the feeders out.  At that time of the year, I only put 1 feeder out because there is only 3 or 4 that hang around during the hot Mississippi summer and I don't want the sugar solution to go sour.
But, once September gets here, I start to see a few more hummingbirds at the feeder every … (4 comments)

rural life: I WAS looking forward to tomatoes - 07/01/08 08:53 AM
Even though we live on 5 acres, we only have a very small garden plot this year.  My tomatoes were growing like gangbusters and I nearly drooled looking at all those little green gems.  I was so excited that every plant was producing so many. 
Just when the first ones were starting to turn red, I noticed black, sunken-in spots on the underside.  I started checking the rest of them and a fairly good number had to be thrown out due to this problem.  I consulted one of my garden books and found that it is called "blossom end rot". 

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