selling tips: WARNING: You Don't Want Your Home on the Market Forever! - 03/03/10 11:33 PM
"HOW LONG HAS THIS HOUSE BEEN ON THE MARKET" is a question I often hear when I am showing homes to buyers.  Here is a blog written by Brian Block of the Northern VA/D.C. area.
If you are trying to sell your home in the Northwest MS real estate market, you DO NOT want to overprice it.  There are simply too many homes for our limited pool of buyers to choose from.  The more out-of-line your pricing is, the longer it is going to stay on the market.  Inevitably, buyers will think something is wrong with your home (even if it … (0 comments)

selling tips: Every Seller Needs To Know, What Sells a house? - 10/22/09 07:14 AM
Here is a fantastic article written by Carra Riley, a Real Estate Consultant in Arizona. 
It pretty much sums up what you need to know if you are considering selling your home.  One of the articles last statements is, "Sellers should take all the emotion out of the business of selling a home and treat the transaction as an investment decision. "  That seems to be a big stumbling block for home sellers. 
By the way, Carra has another website with a great name:  Cosmic Cow Pie

Every Seller Needs To Know, What Sells a house?
There are four variables that sell a … (1 comments)

selling tips: Top 5 Things Buyers Don't Like About Your House - 03/11/09 08:52 AM
Top 5 Things Buyers Don't Like About Your Houseby Pam SimpsonThe Kudzu Vine
I came across a discussion on city-data forum the other day on what people dislike about looking at homes.  The following items were mentioned over and over again.  Here are the Top 5 Things That Buyers Don't Like About Your House:
SMELL...Overwhelmingly, the #1 complaint among prospective buyers were unpleasant odors in the home.  The chief offenders were smoke, pet odors, and strange cooking aromas.  Some in the discussion said they turned right around and walked out because they found the smells so oppressive.  Most of us are unaware … (78 comments)

selling tips: Selling Your Home Does Not Have To Be A Mystery! - 02/24/09 05:28 AM
I bookmark especially good Active Rain blog posts for future reference.  I was looking through my "library" of bookmarked posts and came across this one by Bill Gassett that was originally posted late last year.  The material is far from outdated.  Actually, it is even more relevant today.  If your house is on the market now, or you are considering placing your home up for sale, this is a must read.
This post is both informative AND entertaining!  That is the best kind, because information tends to stick with you if you had fun learning it. 

Bill Gassett is a Realtor in the … (3 comments)

selling tips: Should I offer a carpet allowance? - 01/27/09 09:59 AM
Here is a great post I found on Active Rain about the decision to offer a carpet allowance versus putting in new carpet before placing the home on the market.  It was written by Joel Garcia, a very knowledgeable Realtor in Oklahoma City.
Joel explains the thought process in a buyer when they view a home that has a carpet allowance offered.  This reasoning can be used for paint allowances as well.  
I have always found that it is preferable to go ahead and paint or put in new floor coverings BEFORE placing a home on the market.  When I was selling my … (2 comments)

selling tips: Chasing the Market Can Cost you Thousands! - 01/07/09 03:37 AM
I came across this blog post today about the consequences of not pricing your home correctly when it is first listed.  It is a great explanation of this common occurance  Unfortunately, I have seen it first-hand. 
The expression "chasing the market" is a common real estate term, especially in a declining market.  It is one of those mathematical rules like 2+2=4.  There are always those home sellers that think their home is going to be the exception to the rule. 

If your Realtor has done the research and has shown you the prices of active, sold, and expired comps as well … (0 comments)

selling tips: 11 Tips to Sell Your Home Fast! - 11/19/08 07:36 AM
The following is a REBLOGof a post by James Wexler, Broker-Assoc. with Coldwell Banker in Scottsdale, AZ.  If you know someone who is considering purchasing or selling a home around the Scottsdalearea, contact James first.  You can read more of his very informative blog posts on his Wexzillablog site.
All of these tips for selling your home are important.  Tips #1 and #2 regarding first impressions, repairs/pre-inspection should be addressed BEFORE the For Sale sign goes in the yard.  You may have gotten used to that squeaky door or stubborn drawer years ago, but buyers are looking at your home through a whole different … (2 comments)

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