selling a boca raton condo: 4 Ways to Evaluate Your Boca Raton Condo Association - 01/22/15 12:33 AM
Your Boca Raton condo association maintains the condominium facilities, such as the pool and the clubhouse and all of the common areas. It also manages the financial interests of the condominium.
In addition, your condo association sets the rules for the condo you live in.
As an owner, you are a member of this condo association. So how do you know if your Boca Raton condo association is doing a good job? Here are 4 ways to find the answer. Remember,  despite appearances, you can't always tell a condo by its cover. You have to look inside.
1. Does your Boca Raton condo association listen to you? 
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selling a boca raton condo: 7 Ways to help sell your Boca Raton home faster - 01/08/15 01:02 AM
If you want to sell your Boca Raton home faster, you need to know what buyers are looking for. First time Florida home home buyers, especially those who are moving out of newer homes in other states, may pass on your Boca Raton home if it does not provide them with at least three or four of these seven important comforts that they’ve come to take for granted.
If you’ve already got these features in your Boca Raton home, or you can make these changes without spending a great deal of money, you are likely to sell your home faster and for more money.
Wireless security systems.
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