bethel homes: Bethel, Ct Market Update As Of 3/31/11 - 04/21/11 08:46 AM
Bethel, Ct Market Update As Of 3/31/11
Actual Market Time for Bethel Home Sales with Yearly Comparisons
Published "Average Market Time" statistics in fact virtually never reflect the actual time that it's been taking for homes to sell, because such figures you see elsewhere only consider the Market Time of the final home listing which ended in a sale, and they ignore any prior cancelled and expired listings on those same properties. As this report clearly demonstrates, it's not uncommon for a specific property to experience two or more listings before it does eventually sell. The Market Times portrayed here … (0 comments)

bethel homes: Bethel, Ct Single Family Sales Comparison 2009 vs. 2010 How'd We Do??? - 02/01/11 07:48 AM
Bethel, Ct Single Family Sales Comparison 2009 vs. 2010 How'd We Do???
                                            2009                                               2010
Days on the market                  104                                                 116
Acverage List Price               353329                                            351343
Average sale Price               337023                                            332097
Total number of sales               125                                                 117
Total number of sales:
0--------200,000                            9                                                    10
200000-299999                           39                                                    40
300000-399999                           40                                                    33
400000-499999                           24                                                    19
500000-599999                             8                                                     9
600000-699999                             3                                                     2
700000-799999                             2                                                     3
800000-899999                             0                                                     1
In summary the Average List and Sale price have gone down slightly in 2010 while the Average Days on the market have increased slightly.  Does this mean that we have hit the bottom?  The activity level has been way up in … (0 comments)

bethel homes: The Shadow Inventory: How will it affect the Bethel, Ct. Market - 11/04/10 10:45 AM
The Shadow Inventory: How will it affect the Bethel, Ct. Market
There is a hidden demon out there that can have a drastic effect on the market as we know it.  This demon is something called The Shadow Inventory.  You may be wondering what it is and how will it affect the Real Estate Market in Bethel. 
The shadow inventory is made up a four basic types of properties.  These types are pre-foreclosure, bank owned properties, auction properties and government owned properties.  These properties are not on the market currently but are likely to come on the market in the Spring.  … (0 comments)

bethel homes: Sell Your Bethel, CT Home in the Spring?! - 10/17/10 02:55 PM
Sell your Bethel, CT Home in the Spring?!  I have been on quite a few Market Analysis lately where potential sellers have been told that it's better to Sell Your Bethel, Ct Home in the Spring?! Some thought that they read it in the newspaper(Is there such a thing as a Newspaper these days?), some were actually told by another Realtor(believe it or not)and some just think that Spring has always been the very best time to sell.  Let's see if we can put some plusses and minuses down and see where we end up.
Currently we have the LOWEST INTEREST RATES IN … (0 comments)

bethel homes: The Five Reasons Your Bethel, CT Home Didn't Sell - 10/03/10 03:51 PM
The Five Reasons Your Bethel, CT Home Didn't Sell---It's never a good feeling when your house has been listed for 90 to 180 days and it expires without being sold.  You wonder where you went wrong.  The problem is that most of the time there is nobody to turn to who will give you honest answers.  UNTIL NOW THAT IS...............................
Basically there are only FIVE REASONS WHY YOUR HOME DIDN'T SELL.......
LOCATION---We can't change the location but we certainly discuss how this will affect the marketability of your home.  We will come up with a marketing strategy that will MAXIMIZE … (0 comments)

bethel homes: Come over to List My House for Sale - 08/29/10 09:28 AM
Come over to List My House for Sale
Usually those words are like sweet music to a Realtor's ears. 
However, there are times when it really stinks to get this type of call.  Lately, this economy has been putting extra pressure on families that I haven't seen before in my 27 years of Real Estate experience.  Here are some of the reasons behind some of my recent calls from clients to come over to List My House for Sale.
1. Bob lost his job and we can keep up with the mortgage payments.  He is looking for another one.
2. Bob … (0 comments)

bethel homes: Bethel, Ct. School Information-Yes, It's That Time Again! - 08/19/10 06:33 AM
Bethel, Ct. School Information-Yes, It's That Time Again!  We are now in "The Dog Days" of August. 
The "Boys of Summerare in the heat of their pennant races.  Everyone is either on vacation, thinking about vacation or about to go on vacation.  Most of the kids are coming back from Summer camps.  Some are even complaining that there is nothing to do.  All of these are, not of the apocalypse but of the fact that it is time to think about "GOING BACK TO SCHOOL"
Bethel High School
Bethel Middle School
Anna H. Rockwell Elementary … (2 comments)

bethel homes: Getting Your Bethel, Ct. Home SOLD - 08/14/10 07:02 AM
Getting Your Bethel, CT. Home SOLD.  Over my 27 years in Real Estate I have heard the same question over and over again.  How do I get my home to go from FOR SALE to SOLD?  It is indeed the basic question in Real Estate and no matter the market the fundamentals are still the same.  To go about Getting Your Bethel, CT. home SOLD you need to consider four factors.  These factors are location, condition, pricing and commission. 
LOCATION Not too much that you can do to offset a challenging location.  You can't move it----usually.  However, you may need to … (3 comments)

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