washington dc: Washington, DC Ranks 6th in "Most Caffeinated City" - 09/28/11 07:25 AM

What?!?!  I thought DC would be at least in the top 3 especially with the all the politicians, their staff, the attorneys, the lobbyists and the whole United States government and the Washington, DC city government workers too.  Well, according the National Coffee Association, DC ranks behind Chicago, New York, Seattle, San Fransisco and LA.
Apparently, this survey was based on not how much coffee people drink but the availability of getting a "Cup of Joe."  Not that we cannot grab a Starbucks coffee on almost every other corner in downtown Washington, DC our coffee shops are not as densely … (1 comments)

washington dc: Weekend Trip to NYC! - 09/23/11 11:03 AM
At least twice a year I travel to the Big Apple to hang out for the weekend with friends and family and do a little shopping.  As a child I lived and New Jersey write outside of New York so my parents especially my mother would think nothing of jumping on the turnpike to head south to DC for the weekend.  I am less patience than my mom and do not want to deal with the traffic of having to drive from DC to NY so I catch the bus.  But this is not my mom’s bus, the buses nowadays … (2 comments)

washington dc: Now You Can Add Money to the DC Metro SmartTrip Card Online..Yippee! - 09/22/11 02:49 PM

Washington, DC's metro transit system just added a new feature we all have been waiting for you a while.  Now we can add money to our SmartTrip cards online.  No longer do we have to wait in line at the subway station or try to balance on a moving bus to add money to our card.  Just log onto to the WMATA website, log in and add money with your debit or credit card!  I know some people may be thinking big deal but I have been in long lines especially behind tourists who do not know how … (0 comments)

washington dc: A Fun Fun Activity for the Whole Family this Weekend in DC! - 09/21/11 02:36 PM
I know it's only Wednesday but I am already planning my weekend! PBS is hosting its 11th Annual Library of Congress Book Festival September 24 and 25.  The event will have sing a longs and walk aroung characters like Curious George, Arthur and Clifford the Big Red Dog.  The event also will have story time with celeberties from Hoda Kotb, Julianne Moore and Harry Bliss.
This event is always a favorite with Washington, DC area families so make sure you get there early.  The event starts at 10:30 am on Saturday and 1 pm on Sunday.  Have fun this weekend!
For … (0 comments)

washington dc: My Favorite Diner in the Washington, DC area - 09/20/11 02:46 PM
I've heard that we are creatures of habit and one habit I have not changed in almost 20 years is going to the Tastee Diner in Downtown Silver Spring, Maryland.  No frills atmosphere, the Tastee has a booths and tables that have been around I think from when it opened its doors in 1935.  Another blast from the past is the bar and stools that patrons can sit and order homemade pie with whip cream and a Root Beer float.  Some of the tables at the diner have the little jukeboxes that still play music which livens up the atmosphere.  The … (4 comments)

washington dc: $1,000 Beer Credit to Buy My House! Let's Party! - 09/19/11 02:29 PM
I read the funniest story today about a woman in Chicago offering $1,000 beer coupon the purchaser of her home to use at a bar across the street from her house currently on the market. Crazy? Or crazy like a fox?  Her showings increased 300%.  Was it the beer incentive? Maybe.  However being a clever seller never hurts, but overall to get the home sold it really only boils down a couple of things PRICE, PRICE and PRICE!
I had some unresonable sellers once (go figure) and they would not budge on the price but they wanted to offer all these … (6 comments)

washington dc: Happy Birthday Capital Bike Share! - 09/18/11 04:12 PM

The Capital Bike Share program will celebrate its 1st birthday this Thursday, September 22nd.  Within one year this program has really taken off, everywhere you go around town you see the red bikes being used by all age groups.  Washington, DC made an significant commitment to support bicycling around town by designating bike lanes on major streets throughout the city. 
The bike share program hosts 1,100 bikes with 114 stations located throughout the city.  The program has over 15,000 members and has sold over 72,000 daily memberships.  Due to the popularity of this program other cities such as Chicago have … (7 comments)

washington dc: One of Washington, DCs Hidden Gems - 09/17/11 02:55 PM

Tucked away behind huge stone walls, I just recently re-discovered Meridan Hill Park in Washington, DC.  The park is nestled in Northwest Washington, DC between 15th and 16th Streets.  When I was a child the park was run down not a very safe place to go.  Now the park has restored beautiful gardens and water fountains.  I was so surprised how large the park is with all the little alcoves and nooks throughout.  It reminds me of a Japanese garden.
The park has people playing soccer and practicing yoga to families taking photos in front of the fountains. The community … (0 comments)

washington dc: Out and About this Weekend in Washington, DC - 09/16/11 03:51 PM
Fall is here in the Nation's Capitol! There is a chill in the air and this weekend is a great time to spend outdoors. What to do?  Here is a list of some the fun things to do this weekend:
The H Street Festival is happening Saturday from 12-7 pm.  There will be food, music and vendors selling merchandise.
The Fillmore just opened in Downtown Silver Spring and John Legend is performing Saturday evening at 7:00pm.
A Wine and Jazz Festival is happening Sunday in Crystal City, VA from 12-6pm. Food, Music and yes WINE!
At the National Zoo the Festival … (2 comments)

washington dc: Remembering the Good Ol' Days - 09/11/11 01:46 PM
Remember the time when you or parents left the office and work stayed at the office?  Before cellphones, laptops, smart phones and Ipads, parents came home and cooked ate dinner with their family, helped their children with homework and just spent time together as a family. On weekends, families would run errands, go to their kids games and go out for an afternoon movie no worries about work or what was happening in the world.  Families were more connected and not sidetracked with world events on the news or what so-in-so did on their vacation.
I'm not saying today is bad … (4 comments)

washington dc: How to Commerate the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 - 09/10/11 04:06 PM
There are many ways to reflect and remember the 10th anniversary of 9/11 some people will be volunteering since it is now considered a national day of service.  In Washington, DC there are opportunities to volunteer as well and listed are a couple. For the 3rd year in a row the Anacostia Watershed Society (ASW) will be spending the day in Fort Dupont Park in Southeast Washington, DC assisting the National Park Service with collecting trash, removal of overgrown brush and building a whole new trail.  Fort Dupont is over 360 acres and is the second largest park in Washington, … (2 comments)

washington dc: Silver Spring Jazz Festival Tomorrow! - 09/09/11 03:42 PM
Now that the summer is coming to a close and the rain has finally let up a little bit, tomorrow Downtown Silver Spring will come alive again with the Annual Silver Spring Jazz Festival.  Musician will be on stage starting at 3:30 until after 10pm.  The jazz festival will be held on Veterans Plaza at the Downtown Silver Spring Civic Center.  This is a free concert and make sure to bring your folding chair. 
Silver Spring native, Marcus Johnson will headlining the event for the first time.  Marcus Johnson has always participated in the jazz festival and this year he will … (0 comments)

washington dc: This CRAZY DC Weather! - 09/08/11 02:41 PM
WOW! The weather in Washington, DC has been so dramatic lately. Hurricanes, earthquakes (I know that's not a weather pattern), wind, lighting and more rain.  Some homeowners are especially having a tough time with their basments flooding and sandbags cannot stop the river that is pouring into their homes.  The sump-pumps cannot pump fast enough and some basements are knee deep in water.
The ground is so saturated that when you walk on the grass you sink into the ground.  This is a major concern because of trees falling over causing damage to houses, cars and even people.  For heaven sakes, … (0 comments)

washington dc: Is it New vs Old? or The Old New House in Washington, DC. - 09/05/11 03:59 PM
 If you are an investor in Washington, DC metro area and you have cash then you have hit a payday! Investors are purchasing older homes that have not been renovated for a reasonable price then rehab the properties and sell it for what could be a nice market up.  
Buyers in our area want these renovated houses.  Most houses were built between the 1920-1950s and the "bones" of these houses are sturdy and solid. Along with the updated and new renovations that are completed without short cuts can turn out to be a win-win for both the buyer and the … (1 comments)

washington dc: Borders Books Closings its Doors for the Finally Time... - 09/04/11 04:48 AM
My neighborhood Borders Books is closing its doors for forever this week.  Usually I am not sad about a corporation going out of business but Borders has a special place in my heart and here is why…
Growing up going to the bookstore was an event whether is shopping for books on the summer reading list for school, meeting friends to study or just hang out or just spending quite moments engrossed in the latest novel or exploring a new country or city by reading a book.  Over the last 25 years of my life, the bookstores’ names may have changed … (3 comments)

washington dc: 23rd Annual DC Blues Festival TODAY! - 09/03/11 03:53 AM
There are so many fun activities happening this Labor Day weekend (the last unofficial weekend of summer) so a entertaining and fun free thing to do today is to attend the 23rd Annual DC Blues Festival happening at Carter Baron Amphitheatre located at 4850 Colorado Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20011.  The festival continues all day from noon – 7:30 pm.  A variety musician will be performing this afternoon including headliner the “King of Beale” Memphis’ own Preston Shannon.  The rest of the lineup includes: DC Blues Society, Anthony “Swamp Dog” Clark, Nadine Rae & the All-Stars and Grady Champion … (0 comments)

washington dc: Washington Nationals Grand Slam Weekend! - 09/02/11 02:08 AM
As the Washington Nationals season starts to wind down, you can expect a grand slam Labor Day weekend at the Washington Nationals Park.  Starting today the Washington Nationals are playing the New York Mets in a three game series.  Not only are tickets just $5 today, fans will be treated to a free concert by the band Liquid A and also to a post-game Fireworks show!  On Saturday the fun continues with picture day with your favorite Nationals player for “Team on the Field Photo Day” and a free concert by the Los Angeles based multi-platinum band Lifehouse.  Lifehouse became … (0 comments)

washington dc: Larwdy Larwdy Looks Who's Fourty! The Kennedy Center is Giving Away Tickets! - 09/01/11 01:48 AM

The Kennedy Center is turning 40 this year (Happy Birthday!) and to celebrate this achievement they are giving away 1200 tickets!  Starting this morning at 10 am, people can register online at http://www.kennedy-center.org/offers/40th/ to win free tickets to performances during the 2011-2012 season.  The goal to reach more military families and people under 30.  Although this is target audience this giveway is open to everyone.  When you register you can specify the genre that interests you the most however since the tickets are given away on random basis there is not guarantee of which tickets you will win. 
The … (0 comments)

washington dc: Minorities will have to face more hammering... - 10/05/09 08:05 AM
By Tami Luhby, CNNMoney.com senior writer Last Updated: October 1, 2009: 5:26 PM ET 
NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- The housing collapse has made it even tougher for blacks and Hispanics to get mortgages, according to a new government report.
While credit has tightened for everyone, blacks and Hispanics are being denied loans at higher rates than whites, according to new federal data. And the gap is widening.
Lending to black and Hispanic borrowers also fell more quickly than average between 2006 and 2008, according to the 2008 Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, released Wednesday by Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council. … (1 comments)

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