va: Is this My Dining Room? - 05/08/11 12:45 PM
We recently staged a single family home in Ashburn, VA.  The home was lovely but just needed some help to make it more buyer friendly.  One of the rooms we staged was their dining room that was dark and dreary and we turned it into bright and dreamy.  We certainly were proud of this dining room transformation and the seller couldn't believe that this was their dining room! 



va: From Baby Station to Family Haven - 05/04/11 12:25 PM
We have been busy at The Staging Fashionista and we have met some wonderful clients.  We staged this occupied single family home in Ashburn, VA.  This was a wonderful family of 6 with a recent new born.  Here is the before and after of their family room.  They were so happy and could not believe that we were able to create a family haven that could sell by just using their items and a few of ours.  We love home staging and when you see these kind of results it really validates the difference home staging can make.




va: What to do With a Dresser? - 04/05/11 02:25 PM
Ok so I was staging this occupied home in Herndon, VA and one of the rooms just had this dresser in it.   So what to do with a dresser?  Stage it!  See how we dressed up this dresser and made it special. 

Ohhhh and on the other side of the room we added a small scene to draw the buyer in!


va: Rewarding and Challenging: An Occupied Master - 04/02/11 05:37 PM
I've been staging alot of occupieds lately and it has been both rewarding and challenging to say the least.  Rewarding in that you truly can see the fruits of your labor and what a difference you made in someone's home.  Challenging in the sense that it is hard for homeowners to part with their belongings and treasures and many times I'm working and stumbling around things because the home owner didn't have time to complete their to do post staging list.  So here are some pics of my rewarding & challenging occupied master bedroom we staged in Fairfax Station, VA.  Stay tuned for … (8 comments)

va: Challenge? Bring it On! - 03/11/11 01:05 PM
When I first saw this living room in Clifton, VA  I felt it was a challenge.  The owner loved this sofa and everything in the room and didn't want any of it removed.   So after some thought and some advice from my APSD colleagues I said Bring it On!  So here is how we solved the challenge!  The house now has a contract after 9 days! Bring it on!



va: Before & After Video of Fairfax, VA Staging - 03/06/11 09:44 AM
The Staging Fashionista staged this occupied townhome in Fairfax, VA.  I recently posted the before and after bedrooms but here is the video of the entire house.  We had to rearrange lots of furniture but we think it came out great and the homeowner loved it and now doesn't want to move!  LOL!  This home is currently on the market ready for a family to call it home! Enjoy!!

va: A Dining Room Should be A Dining Room - 03/05/11 11:59 AM
When selling your home a dining room should be a dining room.  Return the rooms back to their intended purpose so buyers know which room they are standing in.  We did that in this Fairfax, VA townhome we staged.  It is an occupied home but the owners were using the dining room as their living room and had their table in the kitchen.  We just moved things around and here are the before & after results.



va: Home Staging for The Holidays - 12/11/10 06:34 AM
We previously showed you some before and after pictures of a condo we staged in Woodbridge, VA.  Here are the before and afters of the kitchen and masterbath.  We added some simple touches of holiday charm!  Enjoy.







va: A Woodbridge, VA Condo is Staged to Sell! - 12/09/10 12:55 PM
This lovely condo in Woodbridge, VA was staged to sell.  We added simple holiday touches to warm up the space for the holiday market!  Happy Holidays Everyone!
Living Room Before

Living Room AFTER

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After



va: What Makes Your Home Staging Business Unique? - 11/21/10 01:59 PM
What makes your home staging business unique?  What makes you stand out from your competition?  What do you offer that others do not?  I think those are questions I get most frequently when people are thinking about obtaining my services.  Have you ever thought about these questions?  If not you should.  In the DC-metro area home staging is a very competitive market and there are literally hundreds maybe even thousands of home stagers.  So what distinguishes my services from the hundreds or even thousands of others?  I think it is the fact that I am an APSD Property Scene Designer.  I … (14 comments)

va: A Bathroom Transformation in Manassas, VA - 11/10/10 11:50 AM
Here is a bathroom transformation we did in Manassas, VA.  This was the only bathroom upstairs and we had to stage it as a family bathroom.  This Manassas, VA condo is located in a working class neighborhood with its dwellers being prodominantly by families with children.  So we had to appeal to the right buyer therefore, we staged this bathroom with adults and kiddies in mind!  For us it is all about the details which apparently worked as this home went under contract in 6 DAYS!




va: Scene Staging Warms Up this Manassas, VA Condo - 11/02/10 04:48 PM
We staged this condo in Manassas, VA with our scene staging or as some refer to as "light staging".  We think that our scenes really warmed up the place and added the splash of color that made this condo go from blah to WOW! 



KITCHEN AFTER (Renovated as suggested)

Close up of the type of Scene Staging we do




va: From A Nice Bathroom to WOW! - 10/26/10 01:45 PM
This was a nice bathroom but we got it to WOW!  I love staging bathrooms.  This was a nicely renovated bathroom in a condo located in Arlington, VA, but it was a bit stark before and by adding just the right colors the bathroom came alive and it went from a nice bathroom to WOW!  Enjoy! 



va: It's All About the View - 10/26/10 01:26 PM
It's all about the view in this Alexandria, VA condo.  I think it is important to accentuate the positive features in a home and draw people to the assets of the home.  I could have placed this sofa on either wall but instead I placed it in front of the window facing directly towards the door, so when people walk in they want to walk towards the view.  Staging is about accentuating the best features of a home this Alexandria, VA staging was definitely all about the view.  Happy Staging Everyone


va: Fall in love in Alexandria, Virginia - 10/15/10 02:28 PM
Fall in love with this condo in Alexandria, VA.  We staged this vacant 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath condo with Fall in mind.  This was a fun project and there are many homes in this Alexandria neighborhood for sale but looking at the competition this one stands out from the rest and someone will Fall in love in Alexandria, VA.



va: Vignettes Anyone? - 09/21/10 01:50 PM
Vignettes Anyone?  I know that vignette is a controversial staging word but they really work for me particularly for investment properties and flipped homes.  Here is a townhouse we staged in Manassas, VA  that went under contract in 5 days after being originally on the market for over 90 days.
Living Room

Dining Room

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2


va: Style in Simplicity - 09/18/10 02:11 PM
I have to say that sometimes there is style in simplicity.  After cleaning and decluttering and then keeping the staging simple really can add a lot of style.  I love creating simplistic looks although I have found myself over thinking or over analyzing a room when I stage, I didn't in this Centreville, VA bathroom staged by The Staging Fashionista. Happy Staging Everyone!



va: Gotta Love Alaska! - 04/26/10 12:03 PM
The Staging Fashionista just finished staging this occupied home in Ashburn, VA.  The homeowner and realtor were great to work with.  The homeowner will continue to live in the home while selling, therefore.  we had to work with the furnishings she had and after staging the realtor and homeowner loved it.  It was hard for her to part with her Alaska pillows but we put them in a safe place and told her she could use them in her new home.  Here is the before and after of the living room area.  





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