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Why do borrowers think that they must have a 20% down payment to buy a house? Where did they learn that from? If you are in the real estate industry, it is important that we are educating the home buying community on the programs that exist today that allow them to get into a home for -0- money d...
Got buyers who are reluctant to actually pull the trigger and buy a house? Is your lender providing solutions using a mortgage presentation program? If they are not, then perhaps another lender should be consulted? Some buyers needs to be shown that with every mortgage payment they make, they are...
Credit scores are a major component in getting approved for a mortgage loan.  Maxing out your credit cards can have a major impace on your credit scores. Yesterday I met with a client who had a $300 limit on a credit card, but had  a balance of $275. Becuase of this, the credit scores were 30-50 ...
I see many a borrower who thinks that they need to come up with a large down payment in order to become a homeowner. In some cases, that could be a requirment. But, for the average home buyer looking to purchase a single family home in which to live in with thier family, that is not the case!#USD...
Like every other mortgage lender, i get this typical phone call: "what is your interest rate?" What consumers do not understand, is that Interest Rates Are Not The Same For Everyone!There are like 30 data points that go into quoting an interest rate. In order for me to be able to configure a mont...
First time home buyers are usually short cash to get into a home, at least in the markets I work of #Ukiah, California, Willits, California and Lakeport, California. These #Northern California areas are about 110 miles north of #San Francisco and have a serious shortage of inventory of homes. Thu...
Honorably discharged veterans are able to purchase a home using their VA benefit with -0- down payment up to $417,000. But did you know that a veteran can use this benefit over and over and over again? As long as the loans are paid in full at the time the veteran sells the home,  the veteran can ...
Looking for a way to get a borrower into housing that doesn't require a down payment? Other than VA financing, the only other loan program that doesnt require a down payment is USDA!  For those who are not familiar with this lending program, the United States Department of Agriculture offers lend...

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