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When I hear agents tell me that they are a "by referral only" agent i don't quite understand what that means. I mean, I do understand that we would all like to get referrals from past clients, and wouldn't it be great if I never had to market for leads again because our client base kept our phone...
Trying to add value to my realtor partners is always a difficult thought process for me. Just exactly is value? I think closing the loan is expected. It's what I do. It's not really a value add. If I am going to stay in business, i better close loans. But, if I can find a way to generate leads fo...
Is Saving $17 Per Month Worth Taking A Risk? That's the title to this blog and refers to borrowers who disregard a realtors referred lender of choice, all in saving 1/8 to the rate. Yep, on a $250,000 loan amount (the average loan size for Ukiah, CA. in Mendocino County, CA.)  the difference betw...
Closing a mortgage loan is the end result of what I do. However, it is not my primary job as a mortgage lender. Like a real estate agent, I must continue to prospect for new loan opportunities. I am not a big fan of buying leads. I am more interested in getting to know people at a deeper level. T...
Those of you who need a reason why buying real estate is a good idea need only look at the slide provided by Keeping Matters Current that explains wealth creation:Assuming appreciation in the range of 3-4%, this is a no brainer on why a renter should really be looking to purchase a home! Of cours...
When thinking about retirement, does it make sense to downsize and use all of the equity from the big home to have no mortgage on the little home? Those are thoughts I think about even though retirement is some time off. The other option I have is to buy the little home with a Reverse mortgage lo...

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