energy efficiency: It's Only (Your) Money - Planning An Energy Efficiency Upgrade Project - 03/05/08 09:45 AM
Recently, one of my clients was preparing to replace the single pane windows on his 45 year old home and found himself looking at a bid for $8000.  Sensing that this might be a bit high, he called me at home for some quick feedback.  After recovering from a fit of choking, I pointed out that I'd recently managed the "re-windowing" of a similar home for a bit less than half of that using pretty much the same product (I think my windows had argon gas and the $8000 windows used red kryptonite or something).
Inspired by this save, I'm providing a few hints for your consideration before tackling … (1 comments)

energy efficiency: The End of the Ever Larger Home? - 02/13/08 05:39 PM
After running my weekly analysis of what's going on in the Mountain Home, Idaho real estate market, I'm now of the suspicion (and working towards the conclusion)  that new home prices may have finally reached the point where local builders are drafting new game plans.  In 2007, for the first time in practically forever, the median size of a new home was smaller than in the year before.  The difference was small, only about 6%, and one year does not a trend make but it is something I'm watching closely.
Apparently at least one Mountain Home builder has taken notice and is … (1 comments)

energy efficiency: Is Energy Efficiency a Leading Cause of Energy Consumption? - 12/12/07 07:20 AM
According to Canadian scientists, increasing energy efficiency also increases overall energy consumption.  You heard it here first - consumers are taking their newly acquired energy savings and plowing it back into more and bigger energy guzzling products.
The conclusions by CIBC World Markets were reached, in part, by studying the effects of increased efficiency standards for new, Canadian homes.  The results indicate that, despite huge gains in energy efficiency, per capita energy consumption grows by ever increasing amounts.
The major culprit in the housing sector is demand for larger homes which include more and more energy gulping goodies such as media rooms, deluxe appliances, additional water heaters and the like.
Jeff Rubin, CIBC's Chief Economist, suggests that the problem … (3 comments)

energy efficiency: The First Eight Dollars - Energy Efficiency - Mountain Home, ID - 11/13/07 07:46 AM
Residential energy efficiency is a lot like the weather - everybody talks about it but nobody does anything.
But the good news is energy conservation and lower utility bills don't have to start with expensive projects - it only takes $8.  Stop by any one of a number of Mountain Home, Idaho retailers and you'll change back from a ten for a 4-pack of compact fluorescent bulbs.  At this price, payback for the higher priced bulbs is reduced to just a few months.
A couple of hints about what to expect and how to best use these bulbs.
They may dim over time so pick a bulb that is rated 20% higher … (0 comments)

energy efficiency: Not All the Real Estate News is Grim - 11/07/07 09:29 AM
Time to put aside all the media hysteria, gloom and doom and look at a couple of fun things that have absolutely no relevance to Mountain Home Idaho real estate. Naked Carpenter Acquitted!
A Bay area (why does this not surprise me?) carpenter has been found not guilty of indecent exposure for building a client's bookshelves while nude. After a three day trial, the jury determined that even though 51-year-old Percy Honniball of Oakland was working naked, he was not acting lewdly or seeking sexual gratification. Honniball explained that he likes to work unclothed because it "gives him a greater range … (0 comments)

energy efficiency: It Isn't Easy Being Green (Yet!) - Energy Efficiency - Mountain Home, ID - 10/18/07 08:58 AM
I just completed a year long (well, it took ME a year) program leading to certification under the ECOBroker program.  The primary goal of ECOBroker is to train real estate professionals about residential energy efficiency and home environmental issues (e.g. indoor air quality) so that we can can then provide knowledgeable advice to our clients.
Unfortunately, it appears that I'm all dressed up but have no place to go.  Despite consumer interest in hybrid cars, synfuels and such; commitment to residential energy efficiency appears to be hovering at the lip service stage.  Nationally, 80% of home buyers claim that energy efficiency is … (2 comments)

energy efficiency: Idaho Electricity is the Cheapest in the U.S. - 04/03/07 09:03 PM
According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, Idahoans pay only 6.12 cents per kilowatt hour for electrical energy, currently the lowest rate in the United States.  The hardest hit are residents of Hawaii who pay almost 4 times as much at 23.36 cents per kwh.
Idaho's low rates are due primarily to the use of lower cost, hydroelectric and coal fired generation plants instead of the costlier natural gas and nuclear facilities, common in many other parts of the country.
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energy efficiency: Frankenstein's Furnace?- Energy Efficiency - Mountain Home, ID - 03/26/07 06:20 PM
If you're thinking of building a new home or replacing your existing heating system, there's been a recent breakthrough in HVAC systems that you may want to look into.
Carrier Corporation has recently released a hybrid, residential HVAC system which combines combines a high efficiency (SEER 13) heat pump with an 81% efficient gas furnace. The advantage? - You can change heat sources as energy prices fluctuate.
Heat pump users will experience the double benefit of cost savings and a more comfortable home when outside temperatures drop below 40° and the unit switches to gas heat instead of the heat pump's expensive … (0 comments)

energy efficiency: Pay a Lot for Water Heating? No Tanks! - Energy Efficiency - Mountain Home, ID - 03/26/07 06:06 PM
A sudden, if overdue, interest in residential energy efficiency is resulting in the installation of tankless water heating systems in several of Mountain Home's new homes.
Instead of a big tank keeping 50 gallons of water constantly hot, regardless of whether there's anyone around to use it, tankless systems use a wall mounted, metal box which fires up only when hot water is actually demanded.
The potential energy savings are obvious but, before you roll your old tank into the street, consider.
These systems are not cheap - Last month's cost for a system in a 2400 square foot house was $1900 … (1 comments)


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