selling a home: Turning Back the Clock on the Older Home - Part II - 05/08/08 07:24 AM
It's Crunch Time - You just got orders, are buying a bigger house or just need to sell and move on.  You've dealt, as much as possible, with the major items (see Part I of this post) but what final adjustments should you make to your older home just before putting it on the market?  Some cost effective suggestions:
Grab Your Agent - What the heck, you're paying him anyhow so why not put her years of experience to work for you.  One thing though - please don't ask for an unvarnished opinion of what needs to be done and then get … (0 comments)

selling a home: Turning Back the Clock on The Older Home - Part I - 04/15/08 09:05 AM
The clock starts running on a new home when the Mountain Home, Idaho Building Department signs the building permit. Advances in building science and changing economic conditions work together to cause our homes to rapidly become something less than "state of the art" and worth less than the "next new thing". This is true of every home in the community, but 30+ year old homes need special attention to ensure that value lost by obsolescence doesn't negate value gained through other factors.
It's important to recognize that older homes, in particular, are competing not only with other homes for sale but … (0 comments)

selling a home: Residential Garage Fires - Serious Problem, Simple Solution - 01/24/08 10:44 AM
An Interesting Fact that's probably as true in Mountain Home Idaho as anywhere else.  Did you know that nearly 1/4 of all fatal home fires begin in the garage? These fires are especially deadly because they spread quickly and are well underway before  occupants are alerted to the blaze. Gas Cans, fumes from spills and leaks plus the inevitable collection of rags and boxes provide a ready fuel supply.  (Technical note:  Those propane cylinders for the family bbq stored in the garage fall outside of the fuel category and into that of explosives.)The Typical Garage also provides several ignition sources from "home brew" electrical wiring to light bulbs … (5 comments)

selling a home: Mountain Home, ID Real Estate Wrap Up and Forecast - 01/08/08 07:14 PM
Activity and Prices By historical standards, 2007 was a good but not record setting year for Mountain Home. Sales of both new and existing homes were off about 19% from 2006. During the same period, the median price of existing homes increased by 12% to $152,000 while new homes saw a price drop of about 5% to $192,000.  Much of the decrease in new home prices is because fewer, more expensive homes on acreages were built in 2007.
Marketing Time The average marketing time (from date of listing to date of closing) is currently 59 days, an increase of 7 days for the year.  However, a recent … (0 comments)

selling a home: Being Absorbed and Liking It - Market Conditions - Mountain Home, ID - 10/01/07 11:45 AM
If you've been keeping an eye on the "Market Conditions" page of my web site you probably know that it's my read that the Mountain Home real estate market is in "pretty good" shape at the moment.  However, much as I hate to, I recognize that there are a few hard cases out there that like more than me waving my hands vaguely in the air.
If its numbers you want then absorption analysis is what you need.  Absorption analysis projects, by market segment, how quickly the current inventory of homes will sell (i.e. be absorbed) based on the current level of activity in the same market … (0 comments)

selling a home: Greatest Real Estate Myths #1 - Real Estate - Mountain Home, ID - 08/13/07 10:57 AM
Myth #1 - A Listing Agent Who Doesn't Show Your Home to a Boatload of People is a Bum!
I recently acquired a listing from homeowners unhappy with their listing agent because "he never showed our home".  Treading gently, I tried to communicate that the primary job of the listing agent is not to sell the home but to get it sold!  In fact, it's entirely possible that a first-rate agent will never personally usher a prospect through the home.
When a nervous family, with 60 days to get out of Dodge, entrusts me with the sale of their home, do you think they'd … (1 comments)

selling a home: Lies, Darned Lies and Real Estate Statistics - Market Conditions - Mountain Home, ID - 07/18/07 12:18 PM
Mountain Home Idaho real estate is, in large part, a numbers game. We need them to talk about prices, appraisals, sizes, interest rates, dimensions and the list goes on. But, like in any other industry, some of the numbers used are misleading, irrelevant or just plain wrong. Some examples.  Local home prices, according to the Intermountain Multiple Listing Service (and reported by the media), have increased by 15% over the past 12 months but the actual rate is much closer to 9%. So why the big difference? Are those dang real estate agents just trying to get more people to sign … (0 comments)

selling a home: A Penny Saved Might be A Dollar Lost - Real Estate - Mountain Home, ID - 05/02/07 08:05 AM
There's no two ways about it - new homes are breathtakingly expensive and it's only natural to cut costs where you can.  Even so, there are several paths leading to false economy and pressuring your builder to buy materials and components from "cheaper" sources is among the worst.  You may be convinced that you'll save a bundle by buying your cabinets from Home Depot ("they're just as good") but you'd usually be wrong.
It's important to step back from the price tag for a bit and consider what you may lose by insisting the builder abandon his normal suppliers.  (I use cabinets as … (0 comments)

selling a home: If it Ain't Broke Fix It! - Real Estate - Mountain Home, ID - 04/04/07 08:43 PM
With all of the obligations and commitments in most of our lives, it's not surprising that home owners often forget that our homes need regular preventative maintenance to keep them safe and in the peak of condition.  
Truth be told, we're often so absorbed in staying of the current day's activities that we're lucky if we remember to pull the dog hair out of furnace filters more than once a year.  Still, the maintenance needs to be done and help is available in the form of online sources that not only remind you when inspections and maintenance are due, but also provide details on how to do them.
I've taken a look at several of these plans and found that provides the best … (0 comments)

selling a home: It Ain't the Sweet Smell of Success! - Real Estate- Mountain Home, ID - 03/26/07 05:55 PM
Almost all home buyers in the Mountain Home area now require a home inspection as a condition of sale.  Although the diligent home inspectors crawl over, under and through the house, it's important to realize that there are important components that they SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDE from the inspection.
One of the most important of these is the drainage line connecting the house to the city sewer system.  Damage to these lines is generally age-dependent as pipes become brittle, crushed by passing traffic or blocked by tree roots.  Even newer homes may be vulnerable as the installation or repair of other services in the street … (1 comments)


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