buy a home in snohomish county: Do You Know The Importance Of Title Insurance Coverage In Snohomish County Washington? - 04/20/10 02:28 AM
Title insurance protects homebuyers and lenders, not from future hazards, but from problems of the past. With owner’s title insurance, a buyer is free from worry about:
An old forged deed that turns up. A long-lost heir that lays claim to the property. A misreading of an old will. Lost documents that come to light. A mix-up of names or marital status of past owners. Also, a title insurance company will probably pick up the tab on any court costs involved in defending the homeowner’s case. That’s well worth the cost of the insurance – plus the peace of mind. The … (2 comments)

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buy a home in snohomish county: Short Sales what do you do? - 02/22/10 05:38 AM
I know where we are short sales are taking forever but not because of the agents as many consumers say but the banks. I also know by law until the banks except an offer in writing the banks can except multiple offers in our area.
I had a listing (short sale) that went on for months and months with an offer on it when the market was totally in its lowest low and the offer was reasonable for that time ... then after almost a year of fighting with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd we finally get the banks to all … (0 comments)

buy a home in snohomish county: Short Sales And The Need For More Regulation I Think - 11/06/09 06:12 AM
Ok I have to rant on this for a second and would love everyone's feedback on any experiences you may have or insight.
I have been doing real estate for over 10 years so have been around the block a couple times.
I am so frustrated with short sales and the banks. The banks have 30 days supposedly to respond to offers however they are also the only ones that can tell you when they have received the offer. I have done many short sales now since the market has changed and have found on every transaction so far that the … (0 comments)

buy a home in snohomish county: Court Steps Auction in Snohomish County Washington - 12/22/08 11:52 AM
I was at the Everett court steps home auction a couple weeks ago with one of my investors for the first time ever and was amazed at all the doom and gloom that was being spoken for next year.....
I talked to many agents and others that are very familiar with the auction process there and they are all saying that we are going to see a surge of homes come on the market next year as the banks are hiding how many foreclosures they actually have until next year to make there end of the year profit and loss statements … (1 comments)

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buy a home in snohomish county: Relocating to Washington State - 02/15/08 09:35 AM
Here's a handy checklist of whom to notify when you are relocating to Snohomish County or King County Washington: Post Office Internal Revenue Service State Vehicle Registration Banks/Credit Unions Credit Card Issuers Store Charge Accounts Insurance Companies (including Health, Life, Car, Home) Newspaper Magazine Subscriptions Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water Service) Phone Company (Local and Long Distance carriers) Cable Television Physicians and Dentists Attorney Schools Places of Worship Maid Service Grocery Delivery Service Other For all your real estate needs in Snohomish County and King County Washington please feel free to visit my web site and or please feel free to contact … (1 comments)