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  Baking soda!     Because I am not a baker, can't really you tell what the real purpose of baking soda is.  However, here are a couple of cleaning uses for the baking soda in your cabinet   Since, everyone knows that baking soda placed in the fridge kills odors.  Here are some baking soda tips y...
 I love lemons in my sweet tea!  I love them in ice water!        Recently, in an effort to go green and do things to help the environment, I am now using lemons for another purpose.  Cleaning! Lemon juice can be used to dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits. Lemon juice can be mixed with vi...
After coming home, I need a vacation from my vacation!  Did, I have a great time!  Yes, I did! I went to Vegas who has been my friend since I was 8 years old!  After this trip, we have made plans to take a girl trip every year!  We are already planning our next trip! I will visit her in July for ...
So, today...I wake up and snow is everywhere!  The nervous Nellie in me, starts panicking about flight delays.   I have finally calmed down.  The reservationist with Continental was a gem!  Charlotte is fine for travel!  WOO- HOOO!   Before, loosing my daddy, I never really thought about a bucket...
    Verizon Wireless said it spent more than $30 million in 2008 to enhance voice and data services and coverage throughout South Carolina, bringing the total statewide network investment to more than $714 million since 2000.         Written by : Marci Toliver is a home staging consultant, provi...
Things are looking good in the Upstate, as we continue to grow.  More opportunities are coming.  Read more below: Allied Industries invests $2.1M in Union CountyAllied Industries International Inc. has located its new production facility in Jonesville, a $2.1 million investment expected to genera...
I got inspired for this post, after viewing some friends profiles on Facebook.    When looking back in time, things we once wore, we wouldn't be caught dead in anymore.  For example, take a look at this cutie...   When selling your home, oftentimes, it will require an update, as well. For example...
 I saw this yesterday on twitter! Greenville chamber makes moves to save money The need to be conservative and fiscally responsible in a down economy has forced the Greenville Chamber of Commerce to lay off six staff members and implement a five-day furlough for all employees. Written by : Marci...
Recycle Your Old TV May 16, 2009     With the transition to digital TV scheduled to take place in June, some people will choose to purchase a digital television. If you do decide to purchase a new TV and no longer want your old TV, the City's Solid Waste Division will collect your TV at the curb ...
   After much prodding by Melissa Marro, I am finally on   My name on twtter is schomestager!  I was trying to be original. (lol) I also like facebook!  I am getting to know alot of great things about local agents!    Please tell me your twitter name so I can follow you  or come follow me on twit...

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Marci Toliver is a home staging consultant, providing home staging services to Greenville, Spartanburg & Anderson, SC. areas, assisting you in effectively showcasing your property by utilizing proven home staging techniques.  Ms. Toliver is also the S.C. Chapter President of Real Estate Staging Association, commonly known as RESA.  Marci offers home staging services to homeowners and Realtors® in  the Upstate area .

            Please call Marci at 864.275.2112 to schedule your home staging appointment today!



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