comments: Have You Ever Wondered…? - 01/18/14 03:05 AM
There’s a new idea for setting money aside that seems catchy. The 52 week savings challenge works on the premise that one dollar is set aside in Week 1, $2. In week 2, and the pattern continue with $1,378. accumulated at the end of Week 52.
I recently commented to a colleague about depositing a 25 cent piece in a mug every time I made an error performing a newly-learned task that day. She was not familiar with a Swear Jar either – some partners accumulate a significant amount of jingle money over a year when expletives are voiced! It all … (1 comments)

comments: Signed, Sealed and Delivered! - 11/05/13 07:51 PM

Several weeks ago I wrote "My Broker Wants a Divorce" – and asked for your suggestions. Thanks colleagues for your truly valuable comments!
Since then the papers have been signed, sealed and delivered – by hand. 
Stand Up/ Stand out is my new business adventure….. offering marketing/branding and consultation for businesses; motivational speaking; workshops and mentoring for REALTORS®.
Salesmanship Now and How to be Memorable are just two of the topics. 
Simply stated, divorce is a terrible thing – regardless of the circumstances. We can choose to allow ourselves to be a victim or raise some dust and … (1 comments)

comments: Lights, Music...Action! - 12/18/12 08:04 AM

At this time of annual festivities, office parties, client gifting and a seemingly endless list of things-to-do;  let’s pause and reflect for just a moment. Surely we can take a short time for ourselves! 
Last evening I watched on T-V the historic movie “A Christmas Carol”. This version starred George C. Scott as Ebenezer, and honestly, it surpassed all other performances in this role I’ve ever viewed. The timeliness of course is not lost on anyone – and even when we think we’re kindly and thoughtful of others – a nudge now and then puts things in perspective.
The … (0 comments)

comments: Caught In The Coils... - 10/15/12 10:19 PM
“T’was a dark and stormy night…” and as the rain pounded down I sat at the office waiting for offer documents to be faxed through! 
In this techno-savvy age where business people are familiar and regular users of all kinds of communication devices – it may be that while a client does have e-mail, that person might not have the ability to scan and send back completed documentation! 
Years ago before all the modern gadgetry, a REALTOR® may have driven many miles and hours to present an offer, prepare a sign-back if required, and then at the very least - … (3 comments)

comments: Season's Reasons... - 06/12/12 09:07 AM

We’re probably all familiar with the old adage that people come into your life for a reason (specific) or a season – which can be short or a more lengthy time period.
As well, the comment that “things always happen for a reason” can also apply to real estate as well as everyday life and living.
Last week, after saving and striving for two years to become qualified for their 1st home purchase, a young buyer couple were vibrating with excitement when they called to tell me they were “ready”. Oh happy day, for them and me! … (1 comments)

comments: Perfecting the Rhythm... - 05/21/12 10:03 PM
A colleague recently attended a CPR retraining session to keep her Certificate current. She’s a hockey mom and travels with the team regularly;  every participating parent needs to be capable in case of emergency.
With humour, she mentioned that the rhythm they had learned was already familiar ….the music is “Stayin’ Alive” made famous by John Travolta in the Broadway Show “”Saturday Night Fever”. The melody lingers on – for most adults and therefore easy to remember.

Coincidentally, these two words are a personal theme of many REALTORS®. Setting our annual goals and keeping on target … (2 comments)