maxs blog: Market is shifting.... you ready? - 08/24/15 01:18 AM
Good morning.  Kids are off to school and it’s time to get to work! 
 I woke up this morning to the following articles in The Wall Street Journal: “Global Car Makers Reduce Output in China” – car sales are slowing and plants are operating below capacity, “Investors Brace for Further Tumult” – stock traders are still trying to get their heads wrapped around last week’s selloff and many are skeptical of its return, “It Isn’t Time to Dive Into Oil Yet” – even with oil dipping below $40, a 30% drop since June, investors still believe it could dip further. 
Every … (8 comments)

maxs blog: Staying in touch - 06/24/15 11:12 PM
Just over two years ago I leased my first ever BMW.  Call it an early mid-life crisis, or fulfilling a childhood dream.  I’ve always loved the idea of driving a BMW and so when the time was right I leased one to give it what I call a “three year test drive”.  If I fall in love I’ll pony up and buy one when the lease expires… maybe.
Every couple of months I receive a beautiful magazine from BMW. BMW has found a way to market their products in a way that just makes you want to keep driving their cars, no … (5 comments)

maxs blog: Reflections of the Past - 03/15/15 11:56 PM
Last week I had the opportunity to take a few days off of work and lead a group of youth on a church sponsored pioneer trek.  In short, we divided about 100 teenagers between 8 couples and formed families.  The families loaded all of their gear into handcarts and then pulled them through the mud and rain over several days, covering many miles.  The couples served as “ma and pa” for their family.  One of the purposes of the trek was to help these youth understand the sacrifices made by our pioneer ancestors, connect with them, feel gratitude, and gain … (0 comments)

maxs blog: If You Wait for Perfect Conditions You'll Never Get Anything Done - 03/09/15 12:25 AM
When my alarm went off and the rain was still coming down I thought “Is it ever going to warm up?, it sure would be really nice to take a run or ride my bike when it’s not wet out!!”  I then thought of this very picture below that I saw on Pinterest:
I know rainy days are not necessarily the best days for Real Estate.  Generally speaking, buyers don’t want to get wet, sellers don’t want the outdoors brought into their clean homes, and what are families going to do during Spring Break?  It’s pouring rain, and you’re telling … (5 comments)

maxs blog: Daily Motivation Feeding - 05/04/14 11:14 PM
Happy Monday and Hello May.
Friday night my daughter Kendall asked me if I was running Saturday morning.  I told her I was thinking about it but not entirely sure.  She then said “C’mon dad if you can run Boston with those ribs you can do a morning run with me”.   I told her I’d love to run with her but that I was still hurting a bit and needed to be careful.  What she said next was perfect.  “I think you’ve lost your love for running.  I know Boston took a lot out of you but you cannot give … (0 comments)

maxs blog: Real Estate_ A great service to others - 07/15/13 12:33 AM
21 years ago, at the age of 19, I left the safety of my home in Kingwood TX to serve a two-year service mission in a very poor part of Mexico.  It was the scariest thing I had ever done.  I had never been away from home for more than a week, I did not speak Spanish, my self-confidence was low, and I really doubted if I had anything to offer this world and the people in it.
My first home in Mexico was a cardboard house that had been painted with oil to make it waterproof.  The roof was … (0 comments)

maxs blog: Disney_Over Managing - 04/23/13 01:34 AM
This past week I had the opportunity to spend 3 days in Disneyland at Disney’s Leadership Institute.  It truly was an honor to be a part of the program. Here’s just one of my takeaways that helps make Disney so magical:
1)      Disney believes in “Over Managing” those things which they believe to be critical to their success.  Over managing is not to be confused with “Micro Managing”.  They have determined there are 4 keys that will ultimately make it possible for them to create the happiest place on earth.  By creating the happiest place on earth they’ve successfully built … (3 comments)

maxs blog: Hakuna Matata - 03/03/13 10:54 PM
My wife had “girls date night” on Friday and so I watched “The Lion King” with my five year old, Phoebe.  A line we all remember, “Hakuna Matata”, is behind today’s message.
As professionals, it’s important to remember that problems are in the past, and solutions are right now.  It’s tough to find solutions while pointing fingers at others, in part because we’re stuck in the past.  Whatever happened, happened.  It’s over and done.   Focusing on finding solutions rather than finding scapegoats brings us into the present.  We can only move forward by living right here, right now.  Questions such … (2 comments)

maxs blog: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone - 01/23/13 11:26 PM
Yesterday I received a phone call from a Realtor that brought a huge smile to my face.  As she explained how she had just sold a home I could literally feel her jumping up and down with excitement.  Like so many, she struggles a bit with calling prospects.  A few months ago her client, a buyer, made an offer on a property and then backed out as they decided the price was just a bit out of their financial safe zone.  The client fell off the radar and she’s had no recent contact.  We’ve been talking, working on sales skills, and … (4 comments)

maxs blog: Reflections of a Runner - 11/26/12 10:55 PM
In final preparations for my Boston Marathon qualifier to be held on January 1 2013 I ran the San Antonio Rock-N-Roll Marathon two weeks ago.  It was supposed to be a hard, but not leg-busting event that would prepare my mind for the pain I will certainly endure on January 1st.  It was supposed to be a confidence building event.
A week after the event I found it difficult at best to maintain my normal workout pace.  Doubt has started to set in about my ability to run a 7:15 average mile over 26.2 miles in order to qualify me … (2 comments)

maxs blog: Sharpen Your Vision - 10/01/12 11:39 PM
I'm one of the few crazies who wake up at 5am to run the tree covered, dark morning trails of beautiful Kingwood TX.  With a full work schedule and a family of 7 it's the only time I have if I want to run.  My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon this January. 
A few weeks ago I discovered a new 11 mile loop and was excited to show it to my wife on our regular Saturday morning run together.  This particular loop includes several turns and if you're not careful, you can easily shorten or significantly lengthen the run.  During our Saturday … (30 comments)

maxs blog: Mojo moment - 09/09/12 11:34 PM
Mojo is the moment when we do something that's purposeful, powerful, and positive.  It has the power to influence us to continue to move forward despite all the challenges we face.
A couple of weeks while on my morning run I came across a little old lady who I have come to expect to see, each and every morning as she walks her yorkshire terrier on the greenbelts of Kingwood TX.  This day was different however.  She was standing off to the side with a leash in hand but no dog.  I slowed, removed my head phones, and noticed she was crying.  … (4 comments)

maxs blog: Success is found in DESIRE - 06/13/12 12:33 AM
At the age of 19 my dad had me read a book by Napoleon Hill, "Think and GROW RICH".  It was first published in 1937, the first of its kind.  A self-help book for those seeking success in whatever the endeavor may be.  The book was revolutionary and to this day remains one of my top 5 business books of all time.  It taught me DESIRE and provided me the inspiration and confidence I needed.  It helped me realize that I can accomplish anything in life that I DESIRE.  It first sold for $2.50 a copy.  Today you can get it for an … (5 comments)

maxs blog: Technology and Social Media - when should they take a back seat to other sales activities? - 04/23/12 10:51 PM
More often than not….
I know, most of you that have heard about my training courses are scratching your head right now.  “I thought Max was the social media and technology guy!?”  The fact is, I spend far more time helping my clients understand the importance of mastering real estate than I do discussing technology and social media.
My wife Cindy has authorized me to share the following: 
Cindy recently started a side business as our 5th and final child is getting ready to start kindergarten next year.  As you might imagine she anticipated that … (1 comments)

maxs blog: The Right Prescription ... It's In the Asking - 04/16/12 11:14 PM
I went to our new family doctor a few weeks ago with little doubt of getting proper care.  Having had some “less than spectacular” experiences with doctors, I assumed the doctor would make a few guesses, prescribe some meds, and send me out the door with some hope that I was properly diagnosed.
Upon arrival at my new doctor’s office I was asked for my insurance card and some identification.  Nothing more, no ridiculous forms where they ask you the same questions that can be answered on the cards I already gave them.  Within a few minutes I was called … (1 comments)

maxs blog: First Things First - 04/02/12 12:58 AM
Ever since I received my New iPad a few weeks ago I've been as efficient as ever; new Apps, new strategies, new organizational tools, etc.  It's been great to say the least.
This weekend however I had a bit of an epiphany.  While going through my "checklist" of things to do I saw two of my younger children through our front windows.  They were kicking the soccer ball and having a great time... without me!  I was so absorbed in my "To Do" lists that I had lost sight for a moment of the things that matter most; namely my family.  The whole purpose behind … (2 comments)

maxs blog: One Ridiculously Necessary App for Realtors... and everyone else - 10/13/11 02:31 AM
Last month we launched a new program, "myFirstAm".  In a nutshell, First American has implemented a new system to process title and then did something amazing, they released and end-user version that mirrors our internal system.  Our clients can see the progress we're making on their files in real time, receive automatic text and/or email notifications as updates occur, view docs & surveys from prior orders, and more.  Very cool and it's free. 
To get the word out I started the engine and did what almost always works to move a new product; one-on-meetings, phone calls, emails, texts, etc.  Something unexpected has happened however... I'm having very slow … (5 comments)

maxs blog: How To Avoid a Terrible Prospect Phone Call - 10/07/11 02:53 AM
As we head into the slowing 4th quarter, many will lay down and give up.  Others will step up their efforts to win new business.  One way to build new business is by reaching out to prospects on the phone.  Yes, I'm talking about actual phone call conversations, not made through social media.
An all too common and serious mistake people make on the telephone is using opening statements that build resistance. Within the first 15 seconds of a call, you create one of two emotions;  resistance or interest.  Unfortunately, most people create resistance.  The result is as a morale-killing rejection and an early exit from the phone … (4 comments)

maxs blog: Sell yourself, not against your competition - 10/03/11 03:44 AM
Last week I had a day in which three client appointments in a row told me nightmare stories about my competition.  When I bumped into a client at the end of the day, the stories were still ringing in my ear.  The client then made a comment about a particular competitor and then it happened, it just came out, in reference to the competitor I said, "Lipstick on a Pig". 
Immediately upon saying it I knew I had crossed the line.  My job is to listen, not provoke the conversation.  I should know better.  This is no way to win customers.  … (5 comments)

maxs blog: You Have an Unbelievable Body ... The Secret to Success - 09/13/11 07:06 AM
You should have seen me during the years from 2004 to 2009.  I had an unbelievable body (the guy winning the race is me).  Before you delete this email and say, "Wow that guy is conceded", let me explain.
Eight years ago I decided that it was time to get into shape.  One failed attempt after another left me feeling hopeless.  During this same time I was going through a career change.  That too had left me with feelings of inadequacy.  I knew I wanted to be successful but wasn't quite sure how to go about it.
I'll never forget the straight talk my father gave me.  "Son, … (0 comments)

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