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Doubling Your Investment: Do Income-Generating Properties Pay? Buying or selling a house is one of the biggest decisions most people will ever make with their finances and their lifestyle. Getting the best bargain in the purchase or making the most profit on the sale give buyers and sellers so mu...
Rooms for Improvement: The Joys and Challenges of Fixer-Uppers The house that needs work - it's not for everyone. But then, the secret of real estate success, for both a professional like me and a potential customer like yourself, is finding the one home that's right for you. And a fixer-upper ev...
New Kid on the Block: Moving With Children Moving is a major change for all members of a family. Adult responsibilities weigh heavily when keeping track of all the tasks needed to make a move go smoothly. If you have children, this may be a difficult time to focus on their problems, too, but it's...
When a Home is Not a House: Condo Pros and Cons Many real estate watchers can remember when buying a condominium was most would-be homeowners' second choice. These properties were considered a half-way measure for people wishing to break out of  renting but not quite able to obtain a house. Now, ...
Paying It Forward: How Renters Become Buyers Nothing compares to the feeling of having a place to call home. At one time or another, however, most of us have felt frustration at seeing hard-earned money go into rent every month rather than a more permanent house payment. Renting is most people's ...
Confidence Builder: Make the Most of Newly-Constructed Homes For the aspiring homeowner, there are always some unknowns to navigate. For home-seekers looking to buy a newly-constructed home, they must also contend with fierce competition, as well as the uncertainties of buying a house, in many ca...
Save More Than Energy: The Cost-Efficient Home The energy-efficient home is moving from the horizons of futuristic planners to the agenda of current homeowners. It's not so much a matter of newer technologies - though alternate energy sources like solar and geothermal are making considerable inr...
ERA® International Collection Where to Find Luxury Where do you find luxury? It is not uncommon to find it reflected in the affluence of a magnificent home. In today's real estate market, finding just the right luxury home in a gracious neighborhood can seem like a challenge. If you are looking ...
Empty Nests and Full Houses: Remodeling for Departing Kids and Returning Parents The American family is ever-changing, and its primary space, the home, has always changed with it. The present day is no exception: The largest segment of the American public, the baby boom generation, is entering re...
The Healthy Home: Minimizing Household Health Risks Indoors is where Americans spend 90 percent of their lives - 25 percent at work and 65 percent at home, and the latter is increasing as home offices become more common. So it's important to take a look at how healthy the home environment is. Mol...

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