selling: Rookie Agent- better keep your zeal! Let me tell you why! - 11/19/07 02:15 PM
Isn't it just like us as humans to loose our zest over anything when the newness wears off? Do you remember how it was when you had the new car and if a piece of lint got on the floor or a fingerprint was on the window, you immediately took action. Time passes... kids spill the drink in the floor, french fries are on the back seat.. no hurry... Remember when you first fell in love and you had a drive to talk to your new found love each day for hours about nothing? 15 years later it's a quick- see … (6 comments)

selling: Home Staging 101! Tip of the Day... - 09/23/07 01:36 PM
                                                                                    Home Staging 101
Do a mini home inspection of your own! Check for burnt out light bulbs, drippy faucets, cracked caulking, overgrown bushes, etc. Little things make a big difference! How does a buyer know the difference between a fixture being broken or the light bulb being burnt out? ANSWER: They don't! Fix it so they won't wonder!


selling: What Is the Cost of Listing? Good Question! - 08/19/07 01:10 PM
Here's the scenario, you have been working with this seller for a couple of weeks and they have finally decided to list their house with you. You fill out the listing agreement, they sign on the dotted line... now what?
This is the moment you have been waiting for and now it is time to advertise. Maybe you are wondering what exactly is it going to cost me to list this house? I don't remember learning this during my Real Estate classes... First thing to do is ask up front when you sign on with a Brokerage- what exactly is it … (35 comments)

selling: Attention Listing Agents!! Tips to pass on to your sellers! Staging=Sell - 08/02/07 04:23 PM
Got a home that just won't sell? We have all had those, haven't we? Maybe a little staging could make all of the difference! Maybe your seller thinks and may tell you- I CAN'T AFFORD IT! Really? Can they not? How can they not afford to in today's competitive markets? Here's a few ideas to pass on that are inexpensive or in some cases cost nothing at all. Just a little time and effort involved! 
Home Staging=Your home Selling!
Banish the clutter! Put away that collection of I Love Lucy paraphernalia! No, everyone does not like Star Wars action figures! Take down the family photos! A little home staging can go … (7 comments)


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