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I wrote a blog about a training I attended last Friday on the Good Faith Estimate 2010.   One of the old timers at the training feels, the coming changes will shrink the pool of LO's. Will the pool of Loan Officers become smaller in 2010? Time will tell.... I do know that as of January 1, 2010 so...
Last Friday I attended a training class on the new Good Faith Estimate 2010. It was taught by an attorney with the Praedo Insititute.  He was well read on the subject and very much on top of his game. There were many questions poised to the instructor.  Mainly about how these changes will effect ...
                      Yesterday I wrote a blog.... If you Sue an Homeowners Association (HOA).  Who are you really suing?  Because of this statement that was written in an email in regards to an outstanding HOA assessments against their home. "............ I will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow. ...
                This statement was written in an email in regards to an outstanding HOA assessments against their home. "............ I will be contacting a lawyer tomorrow. If this does not get resolved promptly or if there is a lien placed on my property and/or showing on our credit reports, I...
The picture turned out awful. It's still a beautiful animal and I love to watch them.  Especially since we don't get as many these days as in the past.                                                         _________________________________________________________________________________________...
                                            Zion Bank has been apart of the Saratoga Springs community for several years.  With a branch located inside Smiths Foods. This year they moved to a free standing building and are now even better positioned to given the community better customer service...
                    Many prospective home buyers are not aware of the impact of buying in a Homeowners Associaiton (HOA)  Many see the GOOD but many times don't see or understand the possible BAD or UGLY.     THE GOOD: Living in a HOA can have benefits that you may not be able to afford.   For ex...
    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________      Mark Watterson is a Utah licensed Real Estate Broker with Principle Realty Group, Inc. and a Utah license Loan Officer with Springwater Capital, LLC Conta...
On my blog yesterday I limited comments and re-blogging and received the following GREAT email response. I want to post it with my comments and talk with the Active Rain community about it. "That limits communication to talking AT folks and not speaking WITH folks.No comments and no reblogging is...
I have disabled commenting and re-blogging on all my political posts.  Everyone is very passionate about politics and that not a bad thing.  In most case it's extremely GOOD. My goal is not to influence anyone to my way of thinking or to have others try to influence me.   It's to encourage you to...

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