blogging: Establishing a Blogging Style..... - 11/11/09 01:13 AM
I have been a member of the Rain for a while now but only actively blogging for the last year.
At first I worried about being flamed.
Then about content and what would fit my style.  By the way, What is my style?

It's a learning process and I'm still learning.  I have learned a couple of things about myself.
I do know I like to use clip art that relates to my thoughts.  I like to write market reports for many different zip codes … (4 comments)

blogging: Hey!!!..... Where's my Gold Star? ... I write GREAT BLOG's...... - 04/15/09 12:40 AM
I was reading one of the Active Rains great bloggers the other day and as I read I came across a comment in one of her blogs.  I then went to commentator's profile and found he had only just begun to blog here in the Rain. 
The comment was about why am I not getting the recognition, I feel I deserve (not the exact words).  It started me thinking about why I blog? 
Business-Well that was the original intent but was I really? Do I do it for points? How about for comments? Aaaaaah the GOLD STAR? Or is it a ego thing? Well, I think I … (17 comments)

blogging: THOSE EXPECTING PERFECT SPELLING AND GRAMMAR.................................. - 04/10/09 02:52 AM
I want to reach out to my spelling and grammar impaired (SGI) friends.  Many of you don't post, comment or limit your activity on Active Rain because of the fear of being criticized.  I know I have....  Even though I have made leaps and bound with my SGI its still is an issue.  Even my SGI friends may have been offended by my past writing abilities. 
In the days back before computers, I started college without a computer (got … (9 comments)

blogging: How does one post a Blog for maximum effect, without being unprofessional? - 11/29/08 04:37 PM

After I finish a Blog, I sit staring at the computer wondering which selection I should select to post.
I have been posting some of my past Blogs to draft.  The I re-read hoping to make sure the spelling and grammar are OK (which is a huge weakness of mine).  Then post in a day or two. Again many times staring into the screen wondering which selection makes the most sense.
I have searched past blogs for advice and did not come up with anything.  Probably there I just didn't find it.

Does it make sense to post the same … (46 comments)

blogging: No Comments, I can live with that.... - 11/25/08 02:57 AM
I'm one who worries probably to much about getting Flamed on my Blog.

However, I have started to post anyway.  I figure the only way to learn is to just jump in and learn from my mistakes.
So I have and hope to become better as I move along.  I have always been a fan of constructive comments, so let me have it.  Thank you
I hope everyone has a GREAT Holiday Season.


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